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Sellers are totally unprotected

Fiverr is a great platform, better then any other freelance platform. Go checkout the others and you will come back.

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No way! If I already did the work, especially for a nightmare client, I won’t cancel the order. My gig says one revision but I do more than one if it makes sense and will make the buyer happy. Once I suspect I’m work-shopping a script or that they are never going to be satisfied I play the “one revision” card. I don’t use it often, but it’s essential to have in my hand. It’s basically an insurance policy that protects against assholery. I’ve never responded to a review but I think you can. So if it’s bad, you could explain and even offer to show prospective buyers the rejected work so they can decide for themselves. Maybe they will be like “if that’s his ‘rejected’ work imagine how good the good stuff must be!” Lol


That made me laugh, thank you. I wouldn’t recommend doing it, though. Privacy …


@ peter_on_5verr you are right, it is one of the best platforms

Suppose your 60-day rating is 4.7, and you deliver that order, he gives you 1 star, even 3 stars will make your rating drop to 4.6. Then you get demoted and your orders fall by 50%, maybe more. How will you feel then?

The old Fiverr was better. My order completion rate was 87% and I was making $1,500 to $2,000 a month. Then came the level system, and I lost everything.

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I’m sure there are a lot in the same boat.

I thought they said the worst review wouldn’t be counted in your total for each 60 day period. Do they still do that?

I think they still do that. I just notice my 4.3 rating increased to 4.4, and I haven’t gotten a good review (or any reviews) in days.

This is interesting actually. If you have all 5 stars all the time, and you get 1 less then 5 stars, shouldn’t overall rating for evaluation be 5 stars? At least it should work like that, but sometimes it doesn’t. Before I got 4 star review and my rating dropped to 4.9

Maybe they take off the worst review or overlook it at the levels day?

I might ask customer support.

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The thing is that they should not get what they want, they should get what they ask for. In every business you are paying regardless of whether you liked something or not. You don’t pay only if the product or service does not match the declared.

lol… Can you walk into a shop, eat a snickers, and then say: I did not like it and I will not pay for it?

That’s it.

I’m not really sure what is your argument :thinking: if you saw my other replies I am always saying to never agree to cancel the order. And I would never agree for cancellation myself.

However it is quite fair for buyer to rate an experience with a seller even if it’s a bad rating. And that’s what I’m talking about in my comment and not that buyers shouldn’t pay.

I also got bad reviews where I felt it was totally unprofessional because they were asking what’s not included or it was just simple different styles and visions but anyway it’s buyers right to leave a review if they paid for the service and didn’t get what they wanted (their fault or not)

And you’ll be surprised how many sellers here can not follow simple instructions or showcasing stolen portfolio and therefor can’t complete orders in the same quality as their portfolio which makes a lot of buyers furious. And those sellers also deserve a review.


But how objective will be that rating? I am having a bad day today… Therefore, everyone with whom I cooperate will receive a bad review. Why? Because I have a bad experience. It does not matter that this experience is more likely connected with me. I feel it that way.

So that’s the point. If the quality was lower than stated - I would understand everything. But a person from the very beginning sees what he gets.

The hardest thing with ideas … The last few cases I have had to do with it. I needed to come up with ideas. And the buyer did not like them.

You can try it - and if the store owner decides they can refund or say no. Same as Fiverr

Well, what if the person who purchased this extremely valuable snickers were to go to the local consumer court, which, coincidentally, is also the highest judicial body (one additional feature: appeals are not allowed. The final verdict is binding), and request for a refund, and the consumer court ruled in favor of the complainant? The shop owner’s requests for a fair ruling are either ignored or are met with threats of eviction from their own shop.

We obviously cannot compare this example to what goes on on Fiverr as the products purchased/sold on Fiverr are more often than not things that are not readily available. They have to be made from scratch with sellers having to invest considerable amount of time and effort into making these products.

Sadly, it is sometimes possible for customers to go behind sellers’ backs and just get a refund from CS. If that doesn’t pan out, they then go for the chargeback option. This, imo, is the bone of contention here.

However, I believe Fiverr is getting better at handling chargebacks and refunds and are doing everything possible to help the sellers out. I have noticed a considerable change in their approach to CBs/refunds (favoring sellers) after they went public.

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You can try if you don’t know how it works. :smiley: Because for me it is pretty clear. Nobody in store will “decide”… If you paid - okey. If not - they will just call a police. That’s all.

We can’t. Tell it to other guy.

Well, weren’t you the one who first made the snickers comparison? :wink:

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I had a buyer file a cancellation with CS. They got it. The reason, they didn’t like the product because I wouldn’t give the free extras they wanted. I contacted CS and they agreed the cancel was not valid after reviewing the messages and gave me the money back. So things are getting better.


Yes, you are right, I think because

  1. When you cancel an order or a buyer cancels an order due to any reason like wrong gig selected, price, etc. your orders are reduced by several times.

  2. A negative review means reduced orders by 50%70%

  3. You go offline for a few days and your orders are reduced by 95%

  4. Late delivery even due to buyer’s fault will lead into reduced orders.

I am facing all these issues and lost on my targets.


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