Sellers As Buyers; Nothing But Bad Experiences



All of the Sellers I’ve “met” here [in the Forum] have been wonderful, so I doubt this’ relevant to any of YOU, but, sigh my WORST experiences have all been with other Sellers!

The first Buyer/Seller canceled the Order without even bothering to ask for a Revision, of which I was offering 3 at the time. When I asked WHY, he said he didn’t like the timbre of my voice! Wtf? Seriously?! You presumably listened to my samples, but it was AFTER I delivered the work that you decided I “wasn’t right” for it?! If I’d known then what I know now, I would have went to CS with the part of the ToS that says you can’t cancel because you don’t “like” it (the quality or whatever).

The second Buyer/Seller hired me to do vocals for a video game, consisting of 85 different lines, all to be sent as separate files. I had a turnaround time of 3 days, which she AGREED TO! About 30 hours after she placed the Order, she comes messaging me that she needs the file within 24 hours, nearly a day sooner than it was due! Being new and still working towards Level One, I just agreed instead of asking for more money for the Rush Job. I got it done and sent it; 2 days later, she asked for a revision, asking for (1) two lines to be redone in a different tone and (2) two lines were “missing”. No problem with the former, but I went back to the script and noticed the “missing” files were also MISSING FROM THE SCRIPT! I told her and she took several hours to send them. I did them promptly. A day later, the Order AutoCompleted. Nary a review or anything! As a FELLOW SELLER, you’d THINK she’d be kind enough to leave a Review, seeing as I’d bent over backwards for her! But, that’s not all! A WEEK…Lemme type that again, A WEEK after the Order completed, she wanted me to “redo these two lines, with a different emotion”. I told her that would be a new Order, as the previous one had Completed. Her response? “But you did it wrong and I’m just now noticing.”…WTF? You NEEDED this so much that you rushed me, yet you failed to listen right away? I messaged again, that that was not my fault, new Order for the vocals. She finally Ordered and again has let it AutoComplete. STILL no freakin’ Review! AND SHE DOES VOICEOVER WORK HERSELF, so she SHOULD know all the post-record work that has to be done - editing and so forth! Mind totally blown.

Now, the Buyer/Seller I’m working with offered to purchase several Gigs instead of one, for the whole job, so I can get additional Reviews. I said sure, if that’s fine for her. She said yes and I sent the Offers, ALL OF WHICH showed a turnaround time of 3 days. She agreed and placed all the Orders. Again, 36 hours after the Start (what is UP with people and their 36-hr nudges?!), I get a message, asking when it’s going to be done, as SHE has a time to meet. I reminded her of the timeframe, but said I’d try to be done sooner (I knew in advance that she had a “client”, but I assumed they too knew the turnaround time). Less than 12 hours later, I get ANOTHER MESSAGE - “How much longer”; I told her all the editing I am having to do on the file, as it wasn’t a straight read and said as soon as I possibly could, Finally delivered 3/4 of the files yesterday and the rest today. And then she asked, “Why’d you split the files?” !!! I responded that it was HER idea to do several Orders and as such, I wasn’t going to send a “blank” delivery on all but one. She said, “That was so you could get Reviews, not split files” !!! As a fellow Seller, shouldn’t she KNOW that you can’t just send blank Deliveries? So, about a half hour ago, she asked for the one file as a whole since she couldn’t piece it together; rather than try to tell her how to do it simply, I sent it. But now I’m wondering - CAN she cancel all the other Orders, leaving my account ruined and me getting paid substantially less than I should be? Obviously I wouldn’t agree and I’d go to CS should she try, but seeing around here how CS deals with disagreements, I have no faith that they’d side with me. But at the same time, I wonder, can’t HER account take a hit if she cancels several orders from the same person, yet keeps one in-tact?

I’m about to the point where if another Seller approaches me about an Order, I’m running for the hills!


That’s against the terms of service since it’s review manipulation.

Yes she could do that.


I don’t like to accuse, but considering a Seller knows some of that (or should), it makes me wonder if cancelling the other orders was a plan all along.


That’s interesting. The buyer could get her money back, and the reviews would stay there.
Nice for someone who wants to get lots of reviews for free and has either a friend willing to help or two accounts.


I was thinking of someone who wanted to get their orders at a ‘discount’ (since the OP was writing about Buyers who are also Sellers). I hadn’t considered that.

Of course ‘reviews for free’ wouldn’t work if Fiverr marked the cancelled ones.


It could be all mutual cancellations: ordered by mistakes. Before if someone wanted to pad the number of reviews they got with a second account it would cost money. Now it’s free.


SHE reached out to me and said, “Hey dear Good evening, you have an amazing voice! Thanks for applying to my offer… The script is 4200 words and like i had mentioned, my current budget is $5 per 500 words. I can split it into $5 bits and leave you more positive reviews… Kindly let me know your thoughts.”

Please bear in mind that this is NOT a person I know, so it’s not like I’m out here recruiting such a thing; I’ve been content to earn my stripes the hard way, NOT by paying someone else to buy from me and Review me. I’d never have pride in myself if I did such falsifications.

But with it being against the Tos, if the Buyer/Seller DID try to Cancel, I COULD go to CS, correct? And HER account would be in jeopardy for suggesting it, right?


There’s NO WAY IN HELL I’d agree to any “mutual cancellations” of the sort; she’d have to go to CS and I’d think her account would be in as much risk as mine would be, if she did.


You did agree to the plan right?


I did agree, yes. I’m merely noting that I didn’t go out looking for this and in my bid to her BR, I noted the full price as a SINGLE Sale.


Any buyer can go to customer service any time they like, to answer your question.

I don’t know if CS would cancel them or not.


Yes, I understand that. But wouldn’t HER account also be at risk, if she went to ask CS to cancel all those orders? Because like I said, NO WAY would I agree! If it came to it, I’d send our full conversation, so they could see what went down and make their determination.

As it is, though; IF she does try to cancel them all, I’ll wait until 45 hours after the request to deny it and if she tries again, let it go ahead and AutoComplete. I did NOT do all that hard work for nothing. Then her only recourse would be to do a Chargeback and I don’t know that she’d risk her Level Two account for that.


Why would a Buyer care about giving you extra positive reviews, though? If that was truly a response from someone I didn’t know, I’d be very suspicious, extra suspicious from the BRs, which tend to be a haven for not quite ToS-abiding behavior. Supremely suspicious because of the “positive reviews” being mentioned before the orders were placed. (In fact, I personally would not have accepted an order from a person who said something like that.)

What if she didn’t care?


Well, unfortunately, still being wet behind the ears, I didn’t think of all that. And even now, I’m wondering WHY a Level Two would be ok with risking their account…My mind is boggled.


I don’t understand why you are worried about her cancelling them.
Anyone can ask CS to cancel anything but they won’t automatically do it.
Why is this such a concern? This could happen at any time to any seller. Why with this one are you so worried?

Even if she just paid for one order she could ask to cancel it.


Because like @artlifeoriginal said,
“I don’t like to accuse, but considering a Seller knows some of that (or should), it makes me wonder if cancelling the other orders was a plan all along.”

I’d actually thought of that several hours after the fact, but by then it was too late because the Orders had been placed.

And if it was ONE Cancel, I could live, but SEVERAL at once? I don’t think my account would ever recover… I tend to be a worrywart so maybe I’m just overthinking things. Time will tell, I guess.


My point was that she could do that with just one order if she wanted to cheat you.
No need to do it with multiple orders. I’m not following your reason for being worried about it.

It would be highly unusual for a buyer to ask to cancel multiple orders at one time. I’m sure that based on this CS probably wouldn’t agree.


Hmmm…I hadn’t thought of that. She very well could HAVE placed a single order for the full amount, then cancelled, so I guess it doesn’t make sense…

But then that still makes me wonder what SHE has to gain from it all.


And they wouldn’t cancel after she left you all those nice reviews either.


I believe all fellow sellers can come here and open a thread to tell about their experiences and also as catharsis.
I understand @tee_hi perfectly, because her work, as also mine, takes a lot of time to prepare and deliver. Her concern as a relatively new seller is normal. Some people can deliver their products within 5 minutes, some others take way more than that and their frustration is way bigger when they come into these situations.
My only advice to you @tee_hi is to write everything and repeat everything , every detail when you send a custom order, so there is no place for misunderstandings and you have your back covered for eventual controversies.
It’s better to take those 5 minutes more when creating a custom, than wasting more time later with revisions and/or buyers trying to cheat on you, due to vague/incomplete description of the service you will eventually deliver.