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Sellers asking for positive feedback before the job is done

My order was marked as completed when it wasn’t. I had a seller ask for positive feedback and then offer as many revisions to complete the order as necessary. He said I could change my feedback later if I didn’t like the end result. Over a month later, he still couldn’t get it right and the feedback COULD NOT BE CHANGED. So far I am out $42.00 and Fiverr has not been able to resolve the misrepresentation of this seller. Do not give positive feedback unless your order is RIGHT and do not allow the order to be marked completed unless it actually is. This was my first order on Fiverr, and was not aware of these issues and got taken advantage of.

I would cancel the sale and get a refund the second a seller asked me for any type of feedback as that shows the seller is not professional.

Usually feedback is given at the conclusion of an order of a job when the files have all been delivered and the customer and seller have ended their working relationship. The valutaizone of feedback is very important for the future of that seller clients, as well as what the seller to customers.

Hmm… your suggestions will help be in future.
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It can help me In future

I have encountered such a seller as well. He demanded that I rate him 5 stars, only then will he deliver the final file to me. Now I know why his rating is so high… and no, I’m not 5 star satisfied. Shouldn’t ratings be given only when you get the final deliverable?

It’s my first time ordering on fiverr, but I feel like my file is being held hostage. The gig offered for unlimited revision but I only requested for one. It took 7 days to process revision or even tell me if the revision is possible or not (9 days since order date). I was just going to make do with the 1st revision I received after 7 days and go with another seller in future. But now, am I forced to rate him 5 stars if I want my file, even if I was not happy with the design and lack of communication waiting for 7days? /sigh

Also! You can change your rating after a delivery, up to 3 (I think, it might be 13…) days. So, you can rate 5 stars, get your file, then rate 0 stars for the extreme unprofessionalism your seller has demonstrated. Then, report to Customer Support so that no one else gets scammed by that seller!

Take screenshots of the conversation in which the seller explicitly states that they will only release your file after a glowing review and send it to Customer Support. They will help you out and hopefully the seller will be punished for their abuse of the system.

I’m really sorry you’ve had such a poor experience with that order. I hope that your experience on Fiverr will be better in the future.

I agree with myskillsforsale, report that guy. I ask for a positive review only after I’ve delivered the final file, as that way it allows them to look at my work and be positive they received something they liked (or at least paid for).

Going to have to agree with everyone else. Next time (if there is a next time for you. There are tons of great people on Fiverr, you just have to scout around) make sure you don’t give feedback until the order it complete.

I’ve had instances where I’m running late so I ask permission from my client to “deliver” early, and get the final product to them at a later but firm date. I usually ask them to withhold feedback until then as well. As for this guy, I would recommend confronting him about it and if he still can’t do what you paid him to do, go to CS.

Usually you CAN change your feedback, but it does lock the rating in place after X amount of days.

Hope your next order goes smoother!

I am hesitant to rate him 5 star early just to get my file. From his slow communication throughout the order process, he’ll probably only send me the final file when it’s too late to change the rating. Honestly, I am not that happy with the design but I’m willing to accept it w/o requesting for a refund as it was a “test water” order. I’d probably go with other sellers and be more cautious with my choice from now on.

I have escalated the issue with Customer Support with screenshots and they are doing their internal investigation.

Oh yes, communicating if you’re going to be late is completely fine with me. I’m even ok if he told me that the revision cannot be done or that it would take a longer time. He just didn’t respond for 7 days at all.

The worst part of it is that he demanded a max star rating in order to release my file. That made me upset more than the less than satisfactory design or lack of / slow communication.

Don’t give rating before satisfied, when seller asking.upfront rating said him directly after you satisfied you want will share your valuable FEEDBACK and if still not agree just cancel the order

if you are facing this problem till now then you have to choices…

First - Contact CS and ask them for partial refund…
Second - Contact CS and request them to delete your feedback then you can give the new feedback to that seller.

Requesting Five Star is not bad thing… if the Seller Deserve then you should do. its all about Client’s Satisfaction. I am Buyer and Seller too. if i got any negative feedback i contact with the buyer immediate and solve his issue then he update his feedback with 5 Stars.

What that seller did is strictly forbidden by Terms of Service. You did a good thing to report him to Customer Support.

I agree wholeheartedly with what myskillsforsale posted.

What did you buy?

Try the basic service before you buy $ 50 on it.
The basic service will reflect the service on it.
So sellers know the value of their