Sellers asking for $ Tips $


Hello guys,

I’m just curious if any sellers actually ask for tips as a matter of course?

For example when delivering the product, do you add a line like “It would be great if you would be so kind to leave a tip…etc” or something similar?

I infrequently get tips, but I’m wondering if by being more proactive, I could generate more income…

I assume buyers are presented with the option to tip after after purchase?

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Fiverr present 2 - 3 screen shots for TIP when order is being completed, asking a buyer for TIP is never a good option, fiverr interface with buyer is doing that part very well…


= begging.

Receiving a tip is to be appreciated, not expected surely?


Great point, thanks!


Yep, Fiverr asks on its own so I do not mention it anywhere. I don’t even ask for a 5-star rating, although many sellers do and it is a good idea. Tips are certainly not required so I see no need to ask any further.


hello @tben2505, nice Topic.
I think that not good to ask for Tips, I like more to receive 5 stars and good review. And I must say, sometimes I put something like “please give good review etc” if I m not sure how much buyer is satisfied. But that was been few times. :slight_smile:
On the end, when You go to bar and when you pay bill, did you waiter asked you for Tip? I think, NO. :slight_smile: Just an example.
But, wish you all the best and let’s keep growing here together. :slight_smile:


Agree - I think we have established that it’s not a good idea.

I was just asking if people did it. It makes sense not to :slight_smile:

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Sellers have asked me for tips, it’s rare but I’ve had

“How about a tip?”


“Tips are appreciated.”

Upon delivery.

For me, it makes no difference, I tip when I feel like it according to what was delivered not because the seller asked.


I think tips are a nice added extra but the reviews are much more important.


Hello everyone, I read there is a person in my same industry that set up a “Gig” to buy him coffee for $5 as a way to tip him. Believe it or not people are actually buying him coffee as a way to tip him. The idea is great, but he does have a “Tons” of followers and seems very talented. I guess at his level or at a good height, you can achieve this like he has. He also has “Massive” 5/4 star ratings…


I like those tip jars, I think it’s “fun” thing to have. If I ever find a Starbucks gratuity gig, I’ll give that seller a big :clap: AND a :wave: for being innovative.

I like starbucks and dunkin donuts. :grinning:


I’ve just posted an interesting tip experience I’ve just had: Take a look at the thread here:


Nope. Great work earns tips


I hate it. I get sellers ask for tips when they first send through the work. Sometimes it needs revision and the fact that they are asking for a tip before having the work signed off is even more unprofessional.


I personally find it a bit rude to ask for a tip. I wouldn’t want a seller to ask me as a buyer, so I don’t ask buyers. I feel the same about reviews - depending on how you word them. I usually give buyers a chance to leave a review themselves, and if they don’t and I feel like they weren’t satisfied, I won’t ask. But if I get the impression they were very impressed, I may ask them a few days later to please do a review based on their experience. And then I hold thumbs and cross fingers and toes hoping for a good one.

Someone else said something that I found helpful, something along the lines of “it’s better for your profile that I don’t leave a review, so don’t ask.”


Instead of asking for a tip why don’t you simply up your charges?


That would almost certainly generate fewer sales


Well begging for tips will generate fewer return customer. It’s called mind over matter


Who is “begging” for tips?


In the business world, what do you call asking for more money after you have already been paid the required amount?