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Sellers asking me for my login details

I have some problem with my shopify and fb business manager and I want to use fivver to solve it. Is it really safe way? The fivver sellers asking me for my login details to my fb and shopify…that sounds like scam if they ask me in the chat straight away for my login details…what do you guys think? Thank you for any advice.


Question: How do you expect someone you hire to fix your problem to access either without that information?


Im just aksing if its normal they ask me straight away for my login info. Yeah its only way to solve the problems to provide these details I guess but still it feels bit uncomfortable when they ask just like that for my sensitive details… and I guess there is no other way around to solve it haha. Cheers

Not sure what is your issue but you can assign the seller certain permission to access your SHOPIFY and Facebook . That’s what I do normally , I never provide them with my login detail

Oh rly :slight_smile: . May I ask you how you do that on fb? That was exactly what I wanted to know, on shopify I know I can add staff with some restricted permission, thank you very much! Have a great day!

So you have trouble with the Facebook ads I supposed? If so, I think you can search” how to assign role on Facebook ads manager