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Sellers, avoid user: Writeandgetpaid

This user…They contacted me via message and asked about my 24 hour editing gig. I told him I would send a custom offer the next day. He ignored this and ordered the basic gig quantity in triplicate. I guess for that the joke’s on him. He paid extra because he didn’t wait. But that’s not the end of it. I do an editing gig and he sent me some links to a 3rd party download site where I could retrieve his work. I contacted him, asked for him to upload directly. No response. I should have canceled then. My mistake. I did eventually retrieve his work from the 3rd party site (all files were in excess of 10 mb and, in total, he had me download a gigabyte’s worth of files full of junk photos.) The articles were not in intelligible English and the very last file on the list to download triggered a warning from my anti-virus. I finished the order as best I could and turned it in EARLY, thinking I’d make sure to never work with this person again and let it at that.

NO SUCH LUCK. He rejected my order, saying it was incomplete and then uploaded MORE files, demanding that I edit those, too, if I wanted the payment released. In effect, he held my payment hostage and demanded more work than what was agreed to.

I have selected the option to mutually cancel the order but I lost a whole day of work on this person. Beware of the buyer Writeandgetpaid.

I would not normally rant about a customer. I love my customers! I won’t tolerate a person looking for free work, especially when my prices are cheaper than almost every other editor on fiverr.

We’re not allowed to name other users on the forum, so your posts will be moderated if you don’t remove the name yourself.

That said, I don’t know if you’ve noticed that your buyer sells articles. Probably they don’t speak good English, so they scam other sellers to get the articles they write corrected.

You did the right thing sending the cancellation request; better late than never. I’d additionally report them to Customer Support, as they’re doing tons of things against the ToS. I don’t even believe they’re from the US as they claim to be.

I submitted something to customer support. I don’t know how to edit my original post and remove the name. If anyone else has had interactions with this person, I ask that you please contact customer support as well.

I think I may have accidentally invented time machine because I have seen this exact post before. :open_mouth:

Buyers are not allowed to extort more work out of you–CS has always been really good about backing me up, at least, in instances like these. If you deliver what was originally agreed upon and a buyer rejects the order and says, “No, you actually have to do (this other thing that is completely separate from the original instructions/work) in order to get paid/get a positive rating,” I would not cancel that order. That message is enough to have whatever negative rating he might leave on that order removed (again, in my experience). Buyers need to learn they can’t pull crap like that.