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Sellers Be aware of fiverr clone scam websites: Our profiles are cloning

Hello Sellers,

Some scam websites creating our fiverr gigs cloning on their site using our gig images, profiles and description. I am not allowed to post url and other details of that scam website. here is a proof of that one of the fiverr ambassador’s profile and gigs has cloned on that website.

I thought to inform that ambassador through a personal message on fiverr but i am afraid to message as i am also a seller and if he report my message as spam then i will be in trouble.

Here is the proof

Even though it is not their profilr and gig description they are sponsored on FB.

Sellers how best can we secure our fiverr profiles as many scam sites cloning our profiles, gig images and descriptions and they are earning because of our hard work and talent, portfolo designs.

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It is a kind of scam that resurfaces routinely, you can contact CS to report the offending site if you want.


No one looks at those. I feel bad for the guy making those.The poor schmuck.

I have reported this issue to Fiverr CS as well.

But it is alarming all sellers here as we are working hard to meet our own clients projects and deadlines. These kind of scammers simply copy and paste all our gig images, profile images, descriptions and more… everything is same to same like fiverr they also started advertising those scam service gigs through facebook. this will lead a bad reputation for fiverr original sellers.

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No it won’t. No one is going to be fooled.


the new buyers who doesn’t know about fiverr and original sellers may be affected if those scammers misuse our credentials

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Don’t worry about those at all. No one buys those. Not sure why you are paying attention to them.

I am not worrying much, but it is not legal to use our profile images to claim by those scammers and get some work because of our profile and contents.

They do not get work.

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If they do not get work and if it is not going to affect fiverr or it’s sellers then everyone here safe.