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Sellers Be Serious, or GO HOME!


Some of the sellers on here need to pack up and head home. Oh, and do not accept gigs or put yourself out there when you see a request for a gig, if you don’t intend on checking fiverr daily.

In fact, the best sellers never log out. They are serious about what they commit to. If you are wondering why some people have so much business it is because they take it seriously. they would not offer to do a gig request and then never come back to fiverr.

I know some of you are thinking there is X amount of days to get it done. Not so, you are being sorry if you wait until the deadline or wait until they try to cancel. A good business person would be checking back enough to thank you for choosing them, and then they would begin as soon as they could and complete in a timely fashion.

I only hope I can get my money back.


Sellers chain yourself to your computers, check your messages every 3 seconds and be sure to set your alarm to wake every hour to check to see if you got any messages from a buyer in a different time zone.

Most can’t live off of fiverr alone so believe it or not, most sellers do have regular 40 to 50 hour week jobs.

If it makes you feel better, rant all you want, but believe me no one is going to adhere to your demands. Sellers have lives to live and are grateful for fiverr giving them a place to make a little extra cash from buyers who respect sellers for doing a job for a price they can’t find anywhere else.

But you know what. As a SERIOUS customer, when you go to a store in the UK and are not happy with the service, you go elsewhere. That’s how the market works. If you are not happy, I’m sure you can find a SERIOUS place where you can pay SERIOUSLY more money to have them adhere to your SERIOUS demands. All you need to do is pay more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ so they can live entirely off of your income and they will gladly stay put at your beck and call.

Good night UK. Sorry, but I’m turning my computer off and going to bed so please know I can’t reply to any messages until morning.


Bravo Steveeyes…Bravo…well well spoken and 100% correct…people acting like they are doing us a favor by letting us do jobs that SHOULD garner hundreds of dollars for just 5…PFFFTTTTTT …GOPAY MORE


Even if everybody lives in the same timezone, same country, or even the same house, the only 3 times you should expect someone to answer instantly are:

  • call their personal cellphone before 10pm.
  • call them directly when they’re in their room and you’re down stair.
  • talk to them face to face.

    You don’t text them and want them to text back while they’re driving or in the shower, you don’t email them and want them to write back while they’re asleep or in a cinema enjoying a movie. It IS common sense!


i’ve seen part timers here. they have a job, a family, and a hobby.

they still make good sales performance.

triciap2 said: In fact, the best sellers never log out.

Oh, right. I forgot that I can take my computer EVERYWHERE with me and be online AT ALL TIMES so I can NEVER LOG OUT. Especially when I have two “real” jobs that eat up my ENTIRE day at least 5 days a week (we’re talking 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m., working both jobs). I literally work 7 days a week. The only time I have a day off from both jobs is if job #2 gives me a weekend day off, which is rare, or if I ask for a day off, which is also rare, because I need all the hours I can get.

Some days I only work one job, and those were the days I would work on my gigs (when I still had them). Or sometimes I would stay up a few extra hours after working both jobs to finish a gig or two that I knew I could finish in that amount of time.

Bottom line: You’re dealing with PEOPLE here. HUMAN BEINGS. NOT robots! I know you expect instant communication because it’s online, but believe it or not, most of the sellers on here do their work ALONE. They don’t have customer service teams ready 24/7 to coddle to your every-five-minutes-a-day messages. You’ll have to learn a little patience and wait for your seller to respond.
triciap2 said: I know some of you are thinking there is X amount of days to get it done. Not so

Oh-hoh, yes, it IS so! Again, you’re dealing with REAL PEOPLE. Do you honestly think we sit around waiting for a message or gig to pop up? Like we don’t have families, jobs, LIVES?

Some sellers are fortunate enough to be able to live off their Fiverr earnings, but these cases are few and far between. The vast majority of us MUST have at least one other source of income to pay the bills. We have to work around our job schedules, as well as work around family obligations and things of that nature.

So yes, it WILL take X-amount of days to complete an order, depending on the complexity. Don’t be daft.
triciap2 said: A good business person would be checking back enough to thank you for choosing

Of course we check back. See above. We have LIVES. Just because we can’t be on the computer every second of every day doesn’t mean we’re not good business people, and it doesn’t mean we don’t check back. PATIENCE!
triciap2 said: they would begin as soon as they could and complete in a timely fashion.

And we do. See above.
triciap2 said: I only hope I can get my money back.

I wish I could get my time back from reading this eyesore of a post and taking time out of my otherwise busy day to respond.


I have had both good experiences here and bad. Three days should not go by after someone has paid, etc. The person did not come back here that is why it happened. Yes, if you are serious you will check back by using your phone or whatever, even if you are at another job because it is the Lack of contact and lack of communication that is the problem.


Reply to @miacmht: i did not say instantly, once a day would be good enough. Think of it this way. sellers are offering to do a job. How do you know if someone has selected you unless you check. fiverr also sends email notifications to help with this. Some people should just not be here, face it.


Reply to @goodgift: you miss the point so badly I am not going to respond to your statements. Also perhaps this bothers you for some other reason, you seem to be taking it personally.


Reply to @davidlustrup: True in some cases, but many jobs are just to comment on an article or blog. she responded to my request looking for that type of thing. Making a comment.

I have seen lots of gigs here (by professionals in their field) that should be a lot more than $5. I suspect these sellers are doing this temporarily to get good ratings and then will offer something more simple after they boost their rating.

Another technique is trying to get you in the door and then upsell on some stuff, etc. That tactic is fine, especially with the talented sellers offering professional work.


Reply to @fluidmarket: I have too. Those part timers are professional in their work ethic, even during the negotiation phase!


Reply to @steveeyes: You miss the point, and I have already responded below about sellers who offer way too much for the $5. I think they are using some tactics that will boost their rating and also it’s possible they are just trying to get people through the door.

This was not the case, I was looking for people to make comments on something. simple. did not require any art work or professional skills. It’s okay because I have a long list and some of the other people came through and gave me comments.

but yes, I have seen sellers offering stuff that seems to be worth way more than $5


Reply to @triciap2: I mean, this is all stuff quoted straight from your post. There’s not really any room to miss the point.


You seem to think people are missing the point. I think you’re failing to see it from a seller’s point of view.

And no, I’m not taking it personally. I’m seeing it from the seller’s point of view.

I’ve also been a buyer on Fiverr. I don’t expect immediate response. A day or a few days is okay, as long as the work is delivered on time. You think three days going by is not okay? Seriously? If someone like me that has two jobs has to work ALL DAY for three or four days in a row, there is NO TIME to respond. What is the seller’s turnaround time? If there is still time left to do the order, then you’re doing okay. Have you sent a message to see if they’ve gotten the order and will still do it? If not, do that!

There have been a couple of times when I didn’t receive notification of an order and got it just in time to finish it by the deadline. I was not purposely ignoring the buyer; I just didn’t know I had an order. (And yes, I know what you’d say – why not log in to Fiverr and continually check the To Do’s? TIME. It’s much more time efficient to catch the notifications by email, as I DO check email every day.)

I never order something that I need in the next 24 hours or less, because that is just bad planning on my part. Nor do I expect the seller to comply within 24 hours or less unless specified in the gig description. It’s just unrealistic.

You want communication, and I get that. But it can’t be every five minutes or every two hours, or once an hour or whatever your expectation is. Again, if there has been NO communication AT ALL from the seller in three days, then YOU need to take the initiative and ask about your order. If you get to the day before the deadline or maybe the deadline day itself, then cancel the order and move on. I know it’s a pain to have to wait through the delivery period, but you have to expect to wait when ordering something from a real, live human being.

You can also take preventative measures by contacting the seller BEFORE ordering to gauge their response time (which should be posted on the seller’s profile anyway). This will give you an idea of what to expect. It will also tell you if the person is the right match for the job.

Also look at the seller’s queue and see what sort of wait time you’re looking at.

What I think you’re trying to do with your post is draw in people that will say, “Wow, that seller is SUCH a LOSER. Why do sellers have to be like that? They should be responding to you within MINUTES and keeping you posted EVERY SECOND of what’s going on.” In other words, you wanted a bunch of yes-men telling you how SO RIGHT you are.

You keep pushing the comment that people should check. Check your gigs. Check your phone. Check your email. Check. Check. CHECK. And whatever you do, CHECK!

Yes, we hear you. Loud and clear. You’re not hearing us. WE CAN NOT ALWAYS CHECK. Sometimes you have to wait. And that is the one thing you are not willing to accept.

And I think our tendencies toward sarcasm in regards to this topic are also coming off sour. You have to understand that sellers have been put in a terrible position. Offer the most outstanding work in the galaxy, or suffer bad ratings. And buyers use this as bullying and blackmailing tools. I’ve seen sellers give up Extras worth $20 and up because the buyer threatened to leave three stars or less if the seller didn’t comply. I’ve seen buyers leave one star because the seller didn’t respond within five minutes of the order being placed (literally – this has happened). Heck, it’s a habit of quite a few buyers to leave 4 stars for a 5-star job just because “the world isn’t perfect, and no one deserves 5 stars).

So what you’re doing is walking into a group (sellers) that have already been beaten to a pulp by the system, and you’re telling us some of us shouldn’t be here because we’re not responding in the way YOU think we should. So you’ll have to excuse us if we’re less than thrilled about someone complaining about something that has way too many variables to be judged.

triciap2 said: you will check back by using your phone or whatever

This may come as a shock to you, but not everyone has a phone with internet capabilities.

I sincerely hope you’re able to work things out with the buyer you’re displeased with. And I hope you will try everything to reconcile the issue before asking for a cancellation and finding a seller more suited to your desires.



triciap2 said: I know some of you are thinking there is X amount of days to get it done. Not so - S

You do realize that one of the main reasons sellers give themselves a certain amount of time to complete is because of multiple orders, right? Turns out, you aren’t the only buyer on Fiverr… surprise ! !

Here’s the fact, your post was rude and if you made any valid points, they were erased by your ridiculous and unrealistic presentation.

It’s a very small percentage of sellers who don’t respond as soon as they can, most of us try very hard to be responsive.

Your post makes me think that it isn’t the sellers who “need to pack up and go home” it’s you who should follow your own advice.

As previously suggested your not obligated to shop for your services here, you can go somewhere else and pay top dollar for a slave of your choice.


Reply to @steveeyes: All I ever see you post is negative stuff about Fiverr. I’m honestly really surprised you’re still doing work here at all since you hate almost everything about the process. I know if I hated doing this stuff I would have left a long time ago.


I try to keep fiverr up throughout the day even while I work on other things. I check the page periodically to see if any orders were dropped. With all these buyers around here you’d think an order would be waiting in queue every check in.


Reply to @madmoo: Well said - you got it spot on.


Well the best sellers you are talking about are the full-time freelancers whose only source of income is fiverr and other sites that offer jobs. You should have expected that not all sellers here are full time freelancers some of here has real jobs to focus on 40 hours a week or even more. If you don’t like how sellers do their thing here go to other sites with full time freelancers who offer their service that is more than your $5.


Its so much simpler than this.

Set your gig delivery time to a comfortable time frame. Answer messages once a day if you want to be a great seller. Answer them less than that if you want to be less than great.

Delivery gigs before the deadline and hopefully that deadline was pre-set and doesnt stress you or the buyer out.

If the buyer has a problem with you delivering a gig before the deadline WHATSOEVER , tell him to go shove his order where the sun don’t shine and move on. There will be more orders that will cause you less drama … and with fiverr , its about making thins here more comfortable on yourself at all costs… The difficulty and drama can be found all over the site and will eventually creep into your own gig. Just take it all with a grain of salt , cancel orders left and right and complain to customer service about having a way for us to cancel orders without hurting our gig… So when we see problems coming, we can squash them like a bug and not have to rant on the forums about why life is hard.

Life is hard because fiverr makes it hard … and until they realize WHY it’s hard , more sellers and I mean more QUALITY sellers arent gonna put up with the crap they have to deal with here.