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Sellers behavior on buyers requests


I posted a buyer request and I received some offers. I’m sure if someone is sending me an offer that means he is able to do that task in his defined time and budget limit but he may request some more explanation. But most of time I found that sellers send offer, but when contacted them for confirmation if they can do this task? Then I got some kind of this reply

“Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately, your request doesn’t align with the service that I offer. Because it was not in ordered yet.”

I replied why?
then I got this reply

“i sent you offer it’s doesn’t mean deal is done.”

I know deal is not done but you cannot claim you are on right track.

I mean what is this? How I can deal with that kind of sellers? If they can’t do then why they are sending me offers? TO make their response rate higher because I will contact them.?



You should analysis before message the sellers, some sellers send offer without reading the request . but some sellers send offer with proper description of your particular request, and when you got their offer from your request then should carefully analysis all the offer , then decide to contact with the seller


Is there any way to teach them a lesson not to do that again? Will Fiverr support buyer or seller in this situation?


There are no need to contact with that type of seller, you contact only with that type of seller who can do this work.


Fine. Thanks :slight_smile:


you are welcome :grinning: