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Sellers, Being on Fiverr's First Page Produces Amazing Results. Definitely worth the hard work


I don’t get on Fiverr’s first page often, but I did last Monday and my website analysis link received over 7 orders just that day.

For the new sellers, if you want to succeed on Fiverr, hang in there. It will come.



I dream of getting on Fiverr’s homepage. I know when I get on the 1st page for the search keyword “tweet” I get bedazzled with orders. I can’t imagine what would happen if I got on the homepage. :smiley:


Congratulations Bruce! I will take your word for it lol. I have a question - do you tinker with the wording of your gig like a/b testing? It seems like whenever I do my sales plummet and it always surprises me. I sure would love to know where my buyers are coming from but I can only guess.


I haven’t seen my mug on the front page in a looong time but I still get orders for my family tree gig that keep me busy. Good job Bruce!

freestyle25 said: do you tinker with the wording of your gig like a/b testing

You know, that is a good question and I have heard of other sellers mentioning that as well and I am not sure if changing the wording effects search rankings. I honestly never noticed that and I change my ads constantly like offering new gig extras, changing my wording because buyers take advantage, etc.

As far as AB testing, if you are worried about your sales plummeting, how about adding two gigs that are similar? That could be your A/B testing, but I am not sure if a moderator would disable one of those gigs for being similar.

I wish I could give a better answer. If you find out, please let me know too ;)