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Sellers Beware : Accounts are cloning

Hi Sellers,

I think some fraud people creating fake accounts in different close sites with our fiverr usernames. I am a TRS and have been here (on fiverr) since 2011 and i do not offer my services outside of fiverr. i dont have any other freelance account than fiverr. There are many scammers creating fake user ids (same as fiverr ids) with different platforms and creating a problem. they are trying to use top rated and best sellers user ids to get some traffic to their platforms. this is completely rediculous.

Please check your username online and if you found irrelevant accounts with your usernames with any platforms please complaint their support teams to remove your accounts.


same mine,i reported to them and i will inform to FIVERR cs to secure our Ids

Thank you for the info!

Yes! I saw a post on the forum a while ago about accounts being cloned. Since I have found 2 platforms (which I have previously never heard of) where my Fiverr profile appears and I am (apparently) an active user.

I am considering sending a threatening email or obliterating these platforms with a few Google reviews. - The only problem is, I may end up sabotaging my own reputation by doing so…


You mean you never joined?! :joy::scream::scream::scream:

Great to see the number of pages you’ve created “1000\xe2\x80\x99s of pages” … They could have at least fixed that part. :woman_facepalming:

I’m actually quite unnerved by this…

It might be time to start flexing some Google de-listing muscle.

P.S. It’s also at times like this that I am so pleased I that I have largely kept my Fiverr, other freelance accounts, and author profile, all separate. I have already had one bunch of people try to dox me because of a book I wrote. The Internet is just a pit of moral-less, scammery, slimy, toerags.