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Sellers Beware: Buyer Instructions Bug

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed that the “buyer instructions” spacing malfunctions each time I edit a gig. I never modify that section, but I must reformat it each time I edit a gig in order not to exceed the 450 character limit. I imagine no instructions will be posted to new orders if the character limit is exceeded.

I’d be interested in hearing from others that encounter this same bug.

It’s been a bug for a while.

Whenever I’m editing a Gig, I delete the extra spaces, knowing full well that they’ll be back the next time I’m in the editing screen again.

Also - hi, fellow David!

I was wondering about this. Has anyone submitted a ticket yet?

Several have, but more tickets from different customers brings it to CS attention

Same problem, even the text align is buyer instructions section of the gig is distorted!

Occasionally no instructions delivered to the buyers altogether and I need to send it manually!

Okay, thanks for all your responses! Let’s cross our fingers this is resolved soon.

Same problem!!! I always have to double click over and over again and hit delete.