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SELLERS BEWARE - Fiverr banned my Level 2 account for no reason. (18,000$+) They ALSO gave me a warning for no reason, apologized and removed it. Now, they banned my account. I have PROOF and they refuse. Speaking with a lawyer

Hello everybody,

I know all you people are in favor of fiverr. I was too, but I wish to warn everybody about the danger of working with Fiverr itself and I also wish if you could give me maybe a bit more information on what I could do. I am not going to turn you against Fiverr, I get it as you earn money from it as I did but I wish to tell you my experence and please hear it out. I am in a bit of situation and I am very disgusted by Fiverr staff. Now, I know that most people don’t know me and may assume that I did something wrong but I tell you - I DID not. I followed all the fiverr rules, I was a seller for 1 year and was on my way to a Top-Rated Seller. I was a Level 2 with over 400+ 5-star reviews and only 1-star review. Please hear my story out before.

Anyway, I sell my own ORIGINAL content and I have all the permission I need to sell these type of content. Those that are not created by me, I have permission and PROOF that I can use them for commercial usage. I am confident, and ready to take this a step further as I am 100% clean in this and I am sure I did nothing wrong.

I started selling on Fiverr 1 year ago and I quickly become a good seller and got to Level 2. I only had 1-star review which was from a guy trying to scam me and all others are 5-star reviews. I never bought reviews, I always provided quality work + overdeliver and never had any complains. I had about 5 canecllations only and I always did my best for my clients.

Anyway, things started to get bad from 1 month ago. I logged into my account and I see that I have a warning. I contacted support and they said it was because of copyright content. I explained to them what I do, that I have proof and everything and all was well. They apologized and removed my warning. After my account recovered from the warning, I had almost 0 sales, only a few and very few people messaging me compared with the 20 messages and 15 orders I was getting. It was strange, right before the warning I used to have loads of people messaging me and after the warning things got slow.

I did not mind, I still made my 100% and this was a good income for me and I always did things by the book and it was a nice income to support my family, since corona did a bad job at that. Until, they banned my account. Yes, I logged in last week and see that my account was banned. Again, I messaged them - and I had to create a new account because I could not login. I was banned for copyright content now.

I wrote a big paragraph long explaining the situation and also provided them proof on that I have permission to use these for commercial use and for my clients. I told the situation and explained. One guy from fiverr support got back to me after 4 days and just told me to confirm my username and details from my other account. I did that and you know what was his replay?

“Your account was banned for copyright content that you don’t have permission for” etc. Are you kidding me? I just wrote you a 1000 thousand word assay explaining to you that I have all the required permission, ready to take any action necessary and ready to provide proof for whatever they need. I have emails, documents, licenses, purchase history - everything. I have ALL the required permissions to do so and the only thing he could replay with is what my account got banned for? I know why I got banned for and I am explaining that Fiverr’s Trust & Safety team did a mistake, again.

I replied back telling him I am ready to provide proof and if he did read my first message, he could also see the attachment I sent him where there is PROOF and the licenses but from the looks of it, he did not even read my first message … he just copy/paste the “why were you banned” same paragraph and that’s basically it.

You want to know what happned next? They banned my account again. The one I used for support they banned it for having a multiple account now. Is this for real? This is the ‘honest and good’ company? Uses you and then ban you without a reason even though you are ready to give them proof? Yet they don’t want to see it?

During these though times of COVID, they are banning a person for no reason at all and refuse to see that I have proof. They already made a mistake, what is they made a mistake again? Of course, they don’t care because they have 1000 more sellers like me.

At this point, I don’t really care about the money I have stuck inside the account as I only care to get MY POINT OUT. I did nothing wrong, and I don’t want this company to blame me for copyright and stolen work which clearly is not. This is False Accusation.

I am also in process thinking of speaking with news site to report about this and release all my proof there.

How can I approach this? What do you think? Should I just contact my Lawyer and move on what he tells me?


What were you selling here on the website?


Exactly! That’s my question too…


Copyright complaints are very complicated. Have you ever wondered if another company bigger than you bought the commercial rights to what you sell? A lot happens with photos, designs and music.
I am a composer, and I tell you that I have granted rights through Fiverr many times to my clients and we have never had problems. But, what happens if a big and powerful company (like SonyMusic) falls in love with that music? They have money and power to register it in the whole world, and then go say it is theirs! So even though what I’m saying is hypothetical, it is likely that someone big has denounced you because they have the records! Or maybe they tricked you and didn’t really give you the commercial rights!

Maybe if you tell us what your service is about, we can contribute more ideas! But as a composer creator of original music I can ask you: Are you sure that what you sell is really original? only you have the commercial rights? Did you make records in the USA and the rest of the world in organizations like ASCAP (music case)?


Could you share the license agreement for the content you didn’t create yourself… Some licenses might give you permission to sell the final product but not the source files themselves, some may give you permission to sell the files only once and you would require another license if you need to sell the files again. Also $18000+ was this currently pending in your fiverr account or was it a total of how much you had made while in fiverr?


You are not allowed to have two accounts.


Yes, that might be one of the reasons behind the ban.

Hopefully the OP tells us what he was selling but this… " I just wrote you a 1000 thousand word assay explaining to you that I have all the required permission, ready to take any action necessary and ready to provide proof for whatever they need. I have emails, documents, licenses, purchase history" - this seems that he was creating content for something based on a license. I can see his customer thinking that a license was breached and the seller was using copyrighted content, Fiverr most likely agreed and that’s what he ended up banned. Certainly seems that’s what happened here, as I said maybe the OP can share more information.


Hey, I had to create another account because I think also my account got banned again.

It seems that Fiverr is not happy with this post because I cannot login in my forum account and post. They banned my account again.

I dont wish to release so much information yet but I was selling services similar to ‘Graphic design’ and I created my own designs. None was stolen or copied.

As to answer the other question I used a website which is popular where you can buy for example ‘icons’ such as a dog, cat etc. These will be for commercial usage and I already contacted the website which I bought the icons from. I received a replay today and they told me that yes, I can use them commercial usage and sell them to my clients as long as I buy them. I did buy them, I have the purchase history and transactions and everything, which I am also willing to provide. I GOT THERE APPROVAL and fiverr don’t want the proof and they are not allowing me to tell my side of the story. They just put in there heads that I am stealing content, and just banned my Level 2 account and that’s it.

I dont wish to share information for now, but I will be contacting Fiverr once again and if they still do the copy/paste with the same stupid answers I will be contacting some news site and releasing everything there and will be speaking to my lawyer. It seems that Fiverr don’t want me on their platform anymore and decided to get rid of me without a proper reason.

I also have screenshots and everything that they already gave my account a warning for no reason at all, and after I explained they said that it was a mistake and removed my warning. I am also willing to release those to in public.

As for ‘uksubtitles’ can you please read the whole thread again and comment back? I did not create multiple accounts and this is not even about that. I had 1 account and got banned and I COULD NOT contact fiverr, so obviosley I had to create another account and instead of trying to help me they just told me that they cant and banned my other account so they get rid of me. Now, they also seems that they banned the account that I opened the thread with too.


If you were in Logo category then you are not allowed using stock images in creating logos (even if you have licencies you use those icons commercially)


Exactly! From the ToS:

"Stock Image(s) may not be used:

  • on a stand-alone basis with no other content;
  • for pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful purposes;
  • as templates used to create multiple copies of the same Gig;
  • for the purpose of enabling file-sharing of the image file; or
  • in logos, trademarks, service marks or any other branding or identifiers."

EDIT: Forget this, see the answer from @uk1000 below.


“Stock Image(s) may not be used:…”

There Fiverr are talking about stock images that Fiverr license from GettyImages. I assume some other stock content site might have different terms of use.

What you could do is use the address when you want to contact support.


Please stop creating new accounts. This is not helping your situation.


That’s why your second account was banned, though. You have created another account without permission from Customer Support, and that isn’t allowed.

As @uk1000 pointed out, you could have contacted them via email.

If you keep creating new accounts without permission, CS will likely just keep banning you.

Then it might be difficult to figure out what, exactly, went wrong, and how to help you.

I’m not sure how that would help. Fiverr decides who stays on their site and who doesn’t.

EDIT: I see that your “julpane77” account is still there, so why do you say that it’s banned? And how come “julpane77” is located in Singapore, and “falseaccusation” in Malta?


So, That’s it!! sorry but if you can’t use it there’s nothing else to do!
It makes sense that Fiverr does that! One person buys an icon, and adds it to hundreds of projects (copying and pasting), while designers do all the work…
I think the problem is that you do have the rights to use the icons wherever you want, but Fiverr does NOT allow it as part of your designs! That is written in the ToS. There is nothing more to do.
I don’t think it is worth spending money on a lawyer, so in the end Fiverr shows that when “you registered your account, you signed the contract accepting the ToS conditions”.
Sell your idea on your own! Fiverr is absolutely right!

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I am more worried about what Google gives you when you google this account name…
Since it is graphic alright, but not in design kinda way.

I think the steps here were made wrong. There is no need to open another account to contact CS. You can do that from the email.
If you had evidence files are your or you have right to use them you should just be persistent with CS, and also writing essays. i do not think they get paid that much to spend that much time on one client. Short to the point message is always better way.

But there is so much more to this story that we do not know and probably never will.


The original account name could have been different. But if you’re correct, it’s no wonder they don’t want to share more about their business (on the other hand, that kind of service wouldn’t be allowed on Fiverr, and they would have been banned much sooner).

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Agreed, but why would from all the names in universe he choose this one?

Not always. Ban for “those” only happens after the buyer is triggered. If all is fine they are flying under radar and have multiple GIGs for a long time. I was searching for ghostwriting and… it went downhill very fast from page 4.

Hmm… I do remember a rather explicit drawing someone foolishly left in their live portfolio, so you could be right, but why accusing them of copyright infringement instead of inappropriate service?

:flushed: well, I hope that’s not what she was selling and it’s just a coincidence. Because it doesn’t have any connection to “graphic design”. But it’s still suspicious that she doesn’t want to give any details for us to help


Glad I googled that on my phone and not my work computer…