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SELLERS Beware - Fiverr will NOT protect you

I recently did a job for a buyer who requested a cancellation. The job was done based on a sketch that a two year old could have done. The buyer specifically sd they wanted it exactly as the sketch.

After completing the in Illustrator I get a message back that the image is not what he wanted.
I denied the cancellation and advised the customer it was done to their specifications. The buyer continued to request cancellations and had the nerve to state my work was amateurish. Really? Maybe he s/h looked at his sketch which was totally horrible.

In any case I advised CS and provided my image along with an image that supposedly another designer created which the buyer provided.

They each looked the same with very minor differences. I also provided a screenshot
of the buyer specifically stating he wanted a replica of his crappy sketch,

I went on vacation thinking this scammer wasnt going to get away with
this after receiving the below reply from CS.

" As long as you have fully delivered your order on time and as per your gig description, you are in no way required to cancel the order. In the event the buyer reaches out to us about this, Customer Support will not cancel any orders based on buyer request alone. The order and situation will first be thoroughly reviewed before any actions are taken from our end."

Needless to say the Buyer was able to cancel the order! Never received any notice from
that they reviewed the dispute even after sending another email to the rep handling this issue.

Fiverr treats its Sellers like second class citizens. That is is NOT acceptable. Without Sellers there is no Fiverr.

We should be able to post a Buyer review when a cancellation is not mutual. Maybe even see how many times this Buyer has cancelled jobs.

I wouldnt be surprised if this buyer took my image and pd another designer less to create my image with a few minor adjustments. If Fiverr continues to treats Sellers in this manner it wouldnt surprise that the smart Sellers will take their best Buyers from Fiverr.

If youve had any similar type of experience please post and let Fiverr know we wont stand for it

While in most cases, I would tend to back you on this kind of thing, this is an area that I think buyers can get confused about very easily. As a writer, I have had people send me a blog post they wrote and all they say is that they want the same thing but with the spelling fixed. If I were to do exactly what they say without asking more questions, and give them their badly written post back with spelling fixed but not sentence structure and at least basic fixes to punctuation, they would be angry. They think that they are saying “make this look like a writer did it” when they say spelling.

When I work with a graphic artist I don’t know, I do not send sketches because my drawing is so atrocious that I only do it to convey a concept. I try to verbally describe it first and pay them a small fee to sketch what they think I mean.

Your buyer may have thought that you understood that their sketch was bad and 2 year old-ish but they may have imagined that you would understand their desire was to have you make the concept identical to theirs, not a vector image that looked as bad as their original. I would suggest talking with your buyer further and seeing if this is what they meant. If so and they paid very little ($5-10) you can always explain that for vector artwork AND a re-draw it would have to be more.

You could probably work it out with them to re-draw first for the price they already paid and just take 5 minutes to improve their sketch and re-deliver. If it gets closer to what they wanted, then quote them for more improvements. Not a lot of people can draw like a good pen/pencil or digital artist and not all of them understand the terminology. Combine that with language barriers and it’s easy to have a simple misunderstanding.

I provided the buyer with my ideas to improve the image. The image they chose was with another designer which looked exactly like my one. This moron wanted the same sketch