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Sellers Beware - ***** is a Scammer - and a Tip for Fiverr

After 9 months on the platform and a 5-star rating over the course of 159 orders, I finally got scammed.

Stay away from Buyer “*****”

He/she ordered without reaching out to me first for an expensive gig I have. I always ask for communication first to ensure we are a match… they did not.

After spending considerable time working on the project, giving more than was even ordered, and delivering ahead of schedule, they promptly opened a Dispute (rather than simply requesting a Revision), and requested to cancel.

I immediately agreed (I don’t need the headache of dealing with A-holes like this).

Fiverr — We have been asking for his option for years — ALLOW SELLERS TO BLOCK BUYERS!

To take it a step further - if Fiverr is really trying to move more into the “professional” realm with the new “Pro” designation, etc., Sellers should even be able to REQUIRE communication with a Buyer first.

Mod Note: Calling out other users is not allowed so please refrain from doing so.


You are not allowed to name and shame people on the forum so you need to remove the name immediately before it gets flagged by the community.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll leave it for a while though.

You can’t avoid such people in business… I can’t even count mine!

I do feel fortunate it’s the first time it’s happened to me… but it is still VERY disappointing A) there are people like this, and B) that Fiverr doesn’t allow for any recourse.

Oh, and C) I notice they’ve deleted out the Seller’s name… which is BS also.

I really wish I could see the buyer’s name in this case. Don’t you offer writing services? That’s in my category. [Never mind, found out.]


Yes, you can not avoid such people in this business. I also have faced this kind of situation. then request a cancellation.

Then why aren’t we doing more about it?

I mean… I’m not a “super seller”, but in the few months I’ve been working on Fiverr, I’ve put $2,000 into their pockets from their 20% cut of revenue.

That’s not an insignificant amount. There are 10,000s of us who pay their bills.

I understand their TOS favors the Buyer, but without the Seller, Fiverr has no revenue.


I agree that the option to block a buyer is becoming a must. Maybe something like 5 blocks from the seller community raises a flag with CS who investigate. I know Fiverr don’t want to spend any money where they don’t have to, but the protection of the seller community must be somewhere near the top of their list of priorities (it should be anyway)


Actually, that was me, not “them”.
Calling out other users is simply not allowed as otherwise we would be inundated with one sided rants about how xxxxxx did yyyyy with no way of knowing if they are genuine or not. This would lead to a very uninteresting and worthless forum which would degenerate into nonsense by sellers about their competitors, to name just one issue.


I would never have agreed to this. I would have fought it as long as I had to.

I had one person try this a long time ago and we went back and forth for about four hours, her constantly saying as a reason “I need my money” and me refusing to accept it. She finally gave up.

Everyone needs to stand up to these types of buyers instead of agreeing to cancel.
It’s your own fault if you agree to it.


Yeah, absolutely, stand your ground, always. My last negative review was because a buyer tried to get me write one extra article. I said no. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t write one extra article for a 10-article order even if he promised to give me a positive review for it. I never offer a cancellation or offer free work on an order that has been done and delivered.


Very good point, but my thinking was “cut the a-hole loose and get on with life”

If/when this situation happens again, I will definitely fight it, though I’m not sure how fair CS will be.

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In my case there was never any reason given aside from “I need my money”.

When she first ordered, she had said, “I ordered this from another seller but I’m going to cancel that and buy yours”.

So about half an hour later she was back and ordered mine. They go from seller to seller doing this and apparently most sellers just immediately give them refunds after they deliver the order for reasons I don’t understand.

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I’ll put my profile up against ******** any day of the week.

Nothing against anyone from **, but I’m willing to bet they are a mill who gets work by bidding cheap, buys a gig from a native English speaker with a great rating, then cancels the order to get the work free of charge and submit it as their own to their client.

Do you believe I’m wrong?

Lesson learned. Next time I’ll be ready to fight.

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Oh, I noticed you got a rare negative review a few weeks back. That’s the person who gave it to you? You should have shown the screenshots to customer support and got the review removed.


What I believe is irrelevant to whether you are allowed name people on the forum in this manner.
If you persist you will be suspended from using the forum.

Customer support should make a record of each buyer’s cancellations to see who does it routinely. The one who tried it with me probably had a dozen she had done the same thing with.


I know you are angry, but don’t keep doing this. Forum has rules, follow them.