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Sellers Beware! ****** Law Firm Abusing Content Writers

There is a client who ordered expedited website content from me. I made her a custom order for 500 wds, and she asked for 1000 words for a higher amount, but then impatiently accepted the original offer a couple of hours later. She sent her instructions, and I wrote 500 words worth of content within those parameters. She sent it back for revisions, not to revise the content I submitted, but to claim I didn’t prioritize it the way she would have, and even though she didn’t specify what sections to do first, I should have sought clarification on my own. I tried to modify the order to be 1000 words as she requested before she ordered, but she is trying to bully me to write more for free. She has violated several terms of service, but is condescendingly insisting she can just set up her own satisfaction guaranteed deal by abusing the Request Revisions button so the order won’t complete. I fear that the client being a law firm, Customer Support will side with her. I know this client has probably gotten away with this before, because she mentioned the previous seller “failed to deliver.” I likely received his stolen content from the client to revise. I am probably at best getting my first negative rating from a client who is violating multiple terms of service to scam me for free work, or Fiverr is going to cancel the order even though the ToS states that orders cannot be cancelled if the gig description is followed, which I did to the letter.

You have two choices, which are that you can politely refuse to do more work for her since you delivered what was promised, or you can continue to do forced labor for a blackmailer.

Do not give her a refund. Do not allow yourself to be bullied into doing more work.

This requires some instant ability to do firm professional customer relations with her on your part and tell her no you will not do extra work, nor will you be pressured by her abusing the revision button.

You can send this to customer support just as you told it here and say she is abusing the revision button to get more work out of you for free and they may close the order for you.


If you can take some screenshots of what she was saying about abusing the revision button and send it to customer support when they see that they might close the order for you.

It makes it easier and convinces them of her being at fault when you send them screenshots.


She didn’t say she was abusing the button, she just was. I offered the modification she originally requested, but she declined it. The conversation quickly deteriorated, but CS insists I continue to contact the buyer and tell her how I delivered according to the gig description. The buyer seems to think that for the 48 hours I had her order I was supposed to constantly ask for clarifications from her and send her “drafts” that she could mark for revisions. I don’t think I’ve quite had a client who was so arrogant. She first insists I write 500 more words for free (after viewing my delivery), then when I refuse she tells me that none of my content is good enough to put on her site, and she’s going to write all the copy herself. She finally stopped pressing the “Request Revisions” button, but I guess I’ll be getting my first one-star rating because I refused to be taken advantage of. I offered to revise the copy I sent (once) and/or double the content for half the price of the first order (which she suggested right before she ordered (she didn’t wait for a response). She has declined any offer to resolve and decided to insult me instead.

This is really a customer service issue for you to solve. This is a big part of doing work here as a freelancer.

There are many posts like this from sellers who have very difficult unreasonable clients.

This could be not necessarily true.
In the less serious case it could be a reseller that got a work from someone that said he’s working for a law firm, making you the last link in the chain.

As someone who used to sell advertising to law firms when I got out of college I know that every one of them does business in a way described here, by being incredibly difficult and menacing, all with the intention of getting something too cheap or free.

They will argue and browbeat a seller for hours over every penny. The idea is to wear you down so you give up.

Their name matches the name of the firm’s IT person in the About Us draft provided to me…

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I don’t need the condescension. I have no problem being cold and professional. I have a problem when I can’t get the order completed because the client keeps pressing the “Request Revisions” button with the intention that she will ultimately not have to pay for the order. No revisions requested… I cannot disable her button, no matter how many times I explain how I completed the order or how good my customer service skills are…

Like I said they try to wear you down relentlessly. I would keep sending her the same thing over and over, even if it goes on forever.

After a dozen times approximately, or whatever is a crazy number of revision requests to you, you can return to customer support, open the same ticket back up, and request someone else take a look at all the times she has requested a revision.

You said she said she can make her own “satisfaction guarantee” by abusing the revision button so I thought she actually said that to you. If she did then show that to CS in a screenshot.

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She insinuated she wasn’t paying for the order, she didn’t outright say it. She has pressed the button repeatedly, yet declined revisions and modifications to the order. She hasn’t pressed it again in about a day, so maybe she has given up or they have disabled it. I still don’t think I should have to suffer the inevitable negative review from someone who was blatantly trying to scam me. Her first response was to demand more content. If my work wasn’t good enough (as she later said), she wouldn’t want more of it.

No, none of us should. I hope you do a follow up here when this is finally resolved one way or the other. I would keep all communication with her to the absolute minimum on your part at this point.


I had a similar experience in the past. Client wasn’t at all satisfied with the delivery but didn’t want any modifications either. Yet he kept pressing the request revision button repeatedly to prevent the order from completing. I explained to him that he was trying to trigger a cancellation in an unacceptable way. He was basically blackmailing me with a threat of a bad review. Strangely, he refused a cancellation request from me. I contacted CS and they cancelled the order. It wasn’t a law firm but a pensioner (according to him) who read so much about law on the internet.

Her latest response: “You can either do the job as briefed, or continue to argue with the resolution centre as I won’t be engaging and I will NOT be paying for this gig as you’ve not delivered. Despite the number of times you press the button saying you did.” By “do the job as briefed” she means add whatever extra content she desires without compensation. She is not wanting revision of the 500 words of content she ordered which I already delivered. Note that after claiming my content isn’t good enough for the site, she’s still wanting me to write more of it.

I tried to explain that if you order food at a restaurant and don’t like it, you can’t just refuse to pay the bill. I have seen folks try to do this and be intercepted in the parking lot by the police, at which point they decide to pay. Her response: “For your information, should I dislike food at a restaurant I certainly wouldn’t pay for it.”

You won’t win an argument because the point is, for her, not to win an argument, it is to be unreasonable and obnoxious to the point that you give up.

That is why I said to keep all communication with her to the minimum or even stop altogether and just keep resubmitting the same thing over and over even if it goes on for the next year.

This is a battle of wills between someone determined to rip you off and you, the victim.


I know. This was her response to a couple lines from the ToS she has violated which I have been copy/pasting and submitting every time she hits the “Request Revisions” which has been multiple times this evening. Of course, I did make the restaurant comment which she replied to, but other than that: copy, paste, submit, copy, paste, submit…


I would try to see it as a not very fun game which you are determined to win. This is how she sees it.


This response from Customer Service is why these buyers exist:

"Thanks for following up, Randal, however, there is not much we can do regarding this request as we simply have no means of forcing buyers into accepting the order they are not satisfied with, so you will need to either persuade them into accepting or to work on revisions until you are completely satisfied.

You can also choose to cancel the order by a mutual agreement, but this cancellation will affect your Completion rate, just like as any other cancellation."

That’s strange considering the Terms of Service say that a buyer cannot simply refuse to pay if they didn’t like what they got, as long as you did what your gig said you would.

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100% Agree with you.