These cancellations are not appropriate, what can we do to avoid this?

I am not sure why they book a Gig, get the results and then threaten you with a statement like:

I do not want to be an unhappy Buyer and you do not want to be an unhappy Seller

Basically, they take then threaten to score you really low and then you cancel after using your time.

What suggestions can you make to avoid this happening in future…


You need to remove the name of the country immediately as that is not allowed on the forum.


But this is a fact and fiverr needs to do something about this. It is a terrible waste of a sellers time.

These Buyers must be notified that if they do not intend to complete the sale NOT TO BUY.


You really can’t avoid cxls or CB.

Do not tolerate blackmail, report the Buyer to CS immediately, take a screenshot of the exchange.

However, I do agree that it totally sucks putting in the hard work and then :bomb: the order gets cxl.