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Sellers Beware of Customer support

Fiverr forcefully cancelled a completed order, saying that i never delivered the right product. When i asked for proofs.
When i asked for the points that didn’t meet buyer’s requirements. They didn’t gave any proof and reduced my seller level as well.
So if you raise your voice on fiverr, and ask for help from customer support. They will never help you, and fiverr will never accept its mistakes.
Fiverr will harm you, if you start pointing out mistakes in it.
I don’t think it is best way to make fiverr a secure and reliable place for both sellers and buyers.
Beware sellers, you are not at right place.


yes, I agree with you, very bad situation.

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That is not how it works. Customer service does not have to prove you did not deliver the right product. YOU have to prove to CS that you delivered the work as described in your gig.

I am sorry that you had this experience. However, I have found that CS has always been very supportive of me when I contact them.


Did you actually deliver what it says in your gig that you will deliver?

If so, then you should have readily in hand all the proof that you delivered what was promised and should have eagerly presented it to CS.

If not, then you were just caught and your punishment seems justified.

Fiverr is definitely not for everyone, but this seems more of an instance of not delivering what was obligated.

This reinforces the point. Have your gigs be realistic in what will be delivered. Don’t promise the sun and the moon or something beyond your capabilities, talents, or skills.

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I can prove it that i delivered right product.
But they never asked.
How can i prove, if they never gave me a chance?
Even the buyer accepted the order.
I just received a message, that says “your order has been cancelled by customer support.”
The payment was refunded to the buyer, and the buyer also got the product.
That is, buyer received services from fiverr without paying anything.

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First of all for your information, let me tell you, i have many successful clients, many of them are returning clients. I have a 5 star rating because i only deliver what i say.
And now for this issue.
I delivered right product.
And i very confident about it, because i have proves.
I am happy to share those with customer support. But they never asked.
The buyer raised the issue, and customer support believed it with even having a conversation with me.
Customer support said that i gave an empty delivery.
But each and every delivery contained a product.
And that product fulfiled all requirements of the buyer.
From this i come to know that they never even looked at my deliveries.

An empty delivery? Well, that’s very easy to prove or disprove. There’s either something there or there’s nothing.

Refer to the order CS stated you didn’t deliver anything in and show them screenshots or a link to the work you performed and delivered.


I already did that, but they reduced my seller level. I am getting no help from cs.

CS doesn’t just lower someone’s seller level. They likely issued you a warning for a particular reason and the warning is what caused you to lose a level.

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The actual reason which reduced my seller level is not my real problem. My issue is that customer support didn’t helped me. And when i raised voice against wrong cancellation, they started harming me instead of realising their mistake.

So they demoted your level for another violation?

They don’t do that without a reason, it means that they just saw another TOS violation that you did to demote you if it’s a different reason from empty delivery.

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Yes i was developing a website for a client.
I need put client’s contact information on the website. So i asked for his details.
Now customer support says that it is against TOS.

It is against TOS to ask contact information.

However where did you ask it? Was it on the order page or in chat? Do you have it as a question in your gig requirements?

My clients have to share it with me all the time but it’s part of the order and they fill it in the requirements so it’s clear that it’s part of an order. Not just a random question in a chat

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Yes i got this point, but currently my issue is related to wrong cancellation of order. And this order is different.
They said that delivery doesn’t not contain anything.
But i can clearly see, it has the product with all the requirements given by the buyer.

Best thing here you can do is that, send the screenshots of actual work delivered in comparison to what’s advertised in your gig. Fiverr customer support has always been helpful in my experience. You need to share facts and figures and screenshots. That would help CS better understand your concern. Hope this helps.

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Yes, i already did that.
I think i should forget this and move on. Because i am not getting any help, and it is wasting my time as well. I should focus on my future projects. And hope that next time if this happens, customer support will do the justice. Otherwise should stop using fiverr. That’s the only solution.

true, I don’t know how do they all do to have problems with CS, I always had a great experience with CS even when I got my worst buyer, I also asked them things, it always has been fine.

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Good for you @psykkopatte