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Sellers Blatantly misleading about what they offer for a fiverr

I’m so over some sellers who are advertising 2 hours or 1.5 hours work for a fiverr. So I ask about this and they are like Ill do 15 products (not 1.5 hours now)… I ask the next one and he is ‘i cant work for you’ as I accused him of not advertising their gig fairly.

the reason I dislike this so much is it is to get the enquirirs I think and then they hit you with the bill after you booked it. Both today from Pakistan - sorry but Im not politically correct and also hire from PK each month but have not on fiverr in the past and not likely at this rate to hire anyone offering 2 hours or so for a fiverr - bedides which its beow min wage I’d think and that is wrong also. (as I know one girll who does work 2 hours for $5) but she wont stop doing it as I sugested she should up her rate to the minimum for her own worth… oh well lead a horse to water…