Sellers: Bragging Rights


Ok, if you’re like me, you’ll know exactly how I feel.

I love what I do and I love even more hearing from clients on how they feel about the work I’ve delivered. I want to share some of my favorite reviews. Call me crazy but sometimes I do this stuff for the reviews (no kidding)…I get such a thrill seeing them. Here are some of my favorites (I :heart: all the !!!s I get)

"Fantastic! Timely! Professional-You are the best! I will be back for more!"
"the best! in every regard! I won't use anyone else"
"I am thrilled with my new banner-thank you! You have a *gift* for taking my scattered words and thoughts and put it in design. Simply amazing! I've already ordered my next gig and told my friends. You rock!!"
"Got my cover photo in less than a day... and it looks amazing. Best gig experience I've had on Fiverr to date."
"Fast, responsive and professional designs. Your experience shows. Very pleased and will use again!"
"I wish there was more than just one thumbs up - I would give (3): Service, Quality, Easy to do business with! Thank you so much - my team will be so excited!"
"I can't say enough how thrilled I am to have found this designer. A++ work!"

We all get those "feel good" moments. PLEASE SHARE YOUR FAVORITE REVIEWS! I'd love to hear yours. As sellers, we have the right to brag once, right?!?! ;)



Reply to @diamondlark: Really fabulous testimonials you got there!!! Darn, 30 thumbs up! I think I most I got was 4, lol.

Thanks for sharing your experience :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Hahaha…it’s not a generated message. Just an abrupt, awkward one. I can see how its “generic-ness” can be off-putting. :slight_smile:


I can come up with 2 of my favorite ones right away;

I worked on an anime-style drawing of a buyer’s daughter who is a big

fan of Xena ( the warrior princess), so I drew the girl in Xena’s armor outfit.

The next day the buyer left a positive review telling me that his daughter actually

cried when she saw the drawing because she liked it so much.

That made my day.

OK, the second one. Since my Fiverr name ( and also my nickname in real life) is Zeus,

many buyers think I’m a guy which I don’t mind.

One guy asked me to draw him in a hip hop pose, and his review comment was

Thanks bro, you’re the man!!!

It made me laugh out loud. LOL! :smiley:


In my 29 years of life on this planet, nobody has ever said before that “they enjoyed text messaging with me for the work over here”. I really mean it, including my family and friends nobody has said something like that to me. I worked hard with people in offline life without thinking about returns from anyone, but for very small reason this was the best line that was ever said to me in online world for few minutes of communication. That person also included this in the feedback.

Such a wonderful experience with this seller. I really enjoyed our conversation on fiverr.

I can't say that when people post something like this makes me brag but just makes me freeze the time for few minutes :)


I have several positive reviews that stick in my mind:

You. Are. A. ROCKSTAR! Period…nuf said:)

You ROCKED this! We love it. It’s exactly what we were looking for. Wow!

Susan is an exceptional writer, and with the amount of work she has to handle, there is not even a hint of quality drop. Thank you. (This is from one of my best and long-time clients. This client orders from me every month.)

emeraldawnn truly commit to what she promise. Indeed her works exceed expectation. You wont regret a bit to do business with her. I’m very happy with her work.

It’s these kinds of reviews that have ensured my success here on Fiverr… I love going through my reviews every so often, especially after I deal with a difficult or hard to please client. It reminds me that there are more good clients than there are bad ones… :smiley:


Reply to @madmoo: I know what you mean. Or worse, they don’t even leave a review and you would have to wait 3 days for the order to complete, even after that, now review :frowning: I think sometimes although they appreciate the work, they want to remain anonymous for the community. Which I can understand.


Reply to @madmoo: Great reviews! Thanks for sharing. The last really says about your work! 2 years with you - wow. That’s awesome. :slight_smile:


Well, I’d like to write some of mines:

Fantastic job once again you've done for me. I am very pleased with the level of service and commitment you have displayed. I think you are one of the few that actually take pleasure in your work and try to provide something unique:) Will not hesitate one bit in future to request service:):)
I've been in I.T. for 25 yrs and met a lot of developers and Marco is by far one of the sharpest, cleanest coders I've seen. He took the time to gather my requirements and exceeded all expectations by delivering exactly what I asked for ahead of schedule. I will only use Marco for future dev help!
Mark is highly professional. He went beyond my expectations. I really mean it. He fixed every bugs and answered all my questions. I've purchased many gigs here. But this is the gig I really love. Again I mean it. I've given him so much headache. But still he handled me very well. 5 stars (*****)

These are only some of the best I had and you can be sure that each feedback like these worths far more than the money I got!! Maybe because I really love my job and I'm glad to be appreciated? Well, maybe :)


Reply to @zeus777: Your first feedback would enlighten my day too, honestly :slight_smile:


Reply to @zeus777: That’s a sweet story about your buyer’s daughter. You must felt so good to make her day. I have a daughter too so I can understand when a child is that happy, it’s just priceless.

Keep it up, Zeus!


Reply to @ryuken: always nice to hear someone appreciating what you do, I agree :slight_smile:


Reply to @emeraldawnn: “It reminds me that there are more good clients than there are bad ones…” So true.

I look up your profile and noticed you do rewrites or proofing. I’ve had some bad luck with articles on here. Somehow I can’t seem to find one that works despite their ratings - seems like some are hiring other to write for them especially if they are too busy to do large orders. Do you do new content writing?


Reply to @mark74: WOW! Impressive. Thanks for sharing yours. Great reviews. :slight_smile:


oooh oohh! I want to brag! ( great reviews everyone you are all so gifted) :slight_smile:

I have had this attached to my promotional site for some time now.


Reply to @matt_garry: That’s terrific, Matt! Keep up the great work!!!


Reply to @madmoo: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Reply to @bbetrio3: I don’t generally do research articles because of the time it takes for me to do quality research and write it out in “perfect” detail. I am a perfectionist with everything I do. With rewrites, the material is there, and I feel it needs expanded upon, I’ll expand it. :smiley:


Reply to @emeraldawnn: Totally understand. Thank you for getting back to me. If you know of a good writer here, please message me and let me know. Best to you.


I’ve read quite a few of the threads in the forum (many have been very helpful), but haven’t posted until now. I feel this thread is the perfect opportunity for me to exercise my humility! Or is it “humbleness”? Proofreaders, editors? Okay, here are a few that made me smile:


Thank you so much Diamondlark!! 30 thumbs up!! You were fast and you totally ROCK!!! I will be a repeat customer!!


This seller is sincere about delivering value that satisfy buyers. I confirmed that because he went the extra mile to satisfy me. I saw your traffic. Thanks.


The best seller on Fiverr period! Great customer service, understands the buyers needs and goals and tailors his approach to you. Will order again and highly recommend.


It was great getting exposure in the Los Angeles market! Extremely targeted and the customer service was astounding. Great gig for the price.


Im always more than happy with this seller (and Ive made multiple purchases)!!! Amazing results as always :slight_smile:


As you can see by the third comment, I am the best seller on Fiverr, so the rest of you will have to settle for second place! Seriously, though, I’ve also bought seventy or eighty gigs in the couple of years I’ve been a member and am extremely pleased at how great the sellers and their gigs have been. I’ve learned quite a bit from them and it’s a breath of fresh air to see that quality customer service and product is still alive and well. It would behoove many large corporations to visit here and see how important each order and customer is to us Fiverr folks. We can’t afford to get bloated and complacent.

Great thread and thank you for letting me play along.


Steve “Diamondlark”