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Sellers can be provided with an option to decide the maximum number of orders in queue


I was thinking about an option for sellers which will enable them to decide how much active orders they can have at a time. I just saw a gig with 27 orders in queue!! Since sellers have no option to approve approve or reject upcoming orders, this option will help them to make sure that they are not over booked. For example if a gig takes 2 hours to finish and if the Turn around time is 2 days 20 orders in queue will definitely affect his/her performance. He/she either will have to cancel some of them (which again increases cancellation ratio) or will have to compromise quality.

This can be solved If the seller is enabled to decide the maximum number of queues/orders he can have. A notification can be shown to the new buyers who hit the order button after limit : "the seller is currently overbooked, please come back after some time"

Well, this is just a suggestion. Would love to hear what others are saying…




I would honestly be more interested in a cumulative orders feature, as I know that Fiverr will do all in it’s power not to restrict orders coming in. Impulse orders are where they profit.

What I mean by this is that every time x number of orders is placed, your delivery time for orders beyond that point would go up. For example. If you get 9 orders and have a 7 day delivery, when you hit 10 orders that delivery time would be 10 days or whatever you set. I can’t imagine getting 100+ content writing orders all at once and have to deliver them all in 7 days.

I like your idea, but based on Fiverr’s business structure they would never approve it