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Sellers can be selective but that one confused me


sorry, i found that super odd and lame:

so i contacted that seller who created 3 different pages for his chiptune -music gigs. he has quite a few positive reviews so i thought " that must be an experienced ok guy " .
i wrote my music request and send a screenshot of our small indie game, a sidescrolling shooter in super-cute pixel style.
he seemed okay and asked a few questions - then 4 posts later suddenly said:
" actually , looking at your image, id rather not as i don’t really get involved with games with magic or demons due to religious reasons."

.how and why? is that normal?


I can’t speak to whether it’s “normal”, but for a while, I belonged to a church that also suggested the parishioners not partake of anything having to do with magic (no Harry Potter for them!), so it’s an entirely plausible reason.

You may want to gently suggest they note that on their gig, as some Seller’s do put such things on their page; I know in my field, many VO artists will not do “adult” readings and say so on their gig.

As for how to go from here, unless you already paid for an order, you may want to find someone else to do the job. Sorry.



I did : [quote] […] It doesn’t say so anywhere on your profile / gigs page… [/quote] …and they claimed :[quote] it doesn’t come up that often, but yeah sorry. [/quote] which is funny, considering we talking about video game music… ^^; oh well. good thing I didn’t pay anything yet.


Yeah; good thing.

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