Sellers can get a LATE MARK when a gig is technically not late (exploit)


This works best on Express gigs (as this happened to me and Fiverr support does not realize the problem)

Mod Note: This section was removed as it seemed to suggest how buyers could exploit sellers. OP may rewrite the text but without the detailed “how-to” and with just the problem.

This happened on my express gig where a shopper decided they wanted my gig extra after I already marked the gig complete with 45 minutes left on the gig (it was not late). Because they accepted the gig extra the next day…it marked it late as soon as they ordered the extra!

Hopefully fiverr support will realize this problem and fix it.


Tried reporting this, as I experienced this problem. But I don’t think that support is really grasping the potential for abuse here. A buyer can even just cancel the order after it was delivered using this method because it would be “late” at the point the buyer purchased the gig extra…and get all their $$ back after receiving the order.


Even though it says late (which I agree is frustrating) you won’t be penalised for late delivery as you’ve already delivered the gig.


Actually, I was penalized… As soon as the gig extra was ordered (after I had already closed the gig), I received the e-mail about the gig extra being ordered…and then that I was late on delivery!


Yes, it says late on the gig (exactly the same as it does someone requests a revision and the original time has run out), but you will not be penalised for late delivery. Seeing the gig displaying #LATE# is not a penalty.


The gig extra was supposed to give an extra day to deliver the extra. it did not. I received a LATE mark, trust me… its on file and I received the e-mail as you can see. I opened a support ticket as soon as I realized what happened, but no luck yet with them other than saying that is how it works.


As a Level 2 seller you can be demoted rather quickly for late deliveries. Same goes for you as a Top Level seller (congratulations on that by the way!!). So I do take “late” deliveries seriously, as it also lowers the exposure of your gigs in the search by 10%.


I’m so glad you posted this.

We all should remove those extras offers in all orders before we deliver an order.


Actually Sue, you do get penalized.

Happened to me 3-4 times.

Order delivered on time, buyer asks for something I charge extra for.

I send over a gig extra, they accept, order is marked as late. Delivered on time metric takes a hit.

I have a post it on my monitor reminding me to NOT send a regular gig extra, but a custom one so I can add 7-10 days of duration to it, just to be safe. (And not use them, just so I counter this bug)


Or they can, you know, fix the darn thing. :slight_smile:


Thanks Frank, I actually have asked fiverr staff to have a look at this post this after I noticed the OP mentioning they got an email with a late warning and you’ve just confirmed it does in fact mean a penalty :persevere: I’ve had it happen before when they just randomly pick an extra from my regular extras, but not since the level ratings were introduced, so I didn’t realise it did impact the stats. Hopefully someone will look into it.


I had it happen a couple of times where the buyer accepted an extra I had sent in the order, after the delivery. And those are the only times I’ve ever had late orders.


Thank you everyone, much appreciated!! I hope that Fiverr support will take note that I’m not the only person who is experiencing this problem. If a buyer wanted to they could use this “technique” to cancel orders (due to being late) after it has been delivered. The potential for that abuse is there, as well as the frustration of the late mark status when it was not really late.


I’m not sure they could use it to cancel orders. I think it had to be over 24 hours late for that.


Actually you have that 3-day waiting period from when the seller marks the gig complete and the buyer didn’t leave feedback or mark off on it. So you could wait 2 days, buy the gig extra and then the seller will be well over the 24 hours late period!


Gig extra offers on the order page should be withdrawn. I’m not sure if they can add extras after the order is delivered on their own.


I had an order a few months back where the buyer added an extra after delivery, and this happened in the past years as well. I don’t think they changed it.


They can… that is what happened to me. I offered the buyer an additional service in the order timeline which they did not accept at first. The gig was about to expire (had 45 minutes left) so I marked it complete. Then a day after I did that the buyer decided to accept the gig “extra” and it reactivated the gig. Since a day had already passed and the gig-extra uses the original time/date the main gig was ordered, it was automatically LATE.

That leads to two situations.
#1 - The seller is late and receives a late mark. I have the e-mails and screen captures to prove that fact.
#2 - The buyer has the option to cancel the entire order because its LATE. While that didn’t happen in my case, the potential for abuse is there to get free gigs basically. In the TOS the buyer has full right to cancel an order if its late, without any penalty on them. So one could actually get the order for free if it is timed right on an express gig. You have three days after the seller closes the gig as long as you don’t leave comments on the delivery.

Being our Fiver level status is now calculated on # of late gigs, canceled gigs and other criteria, it would not be hard to take down a fiverr competitors rank with an extra $40. Just order an express gig, ask them for a custom offer within that order, let them deliver and after 2 days accept the gig-extra. Boom…late. Then cancel and get your $$ back (or just accept the order as is at that point) Either way the seller gets a late mark, and/or a canceled order!


This is completely true, I have experience with this issue 4 - 5 times.
Hope Fiverr would fix this ASAP.


Glad we published a “how to” guide on this. :roll_eyes: