Sellers canceling last minute = penalized?


As a buyer, I buy gigs knowing that I had a deadline to finish a project and they cancel few hours before the deadline leaving me into handing in a incomplete project. It would be good for sellers to get penalized for canceling gigs last minute. If they cancel right away, they wouldn’t get penalized. It’s not very ethical to cancel something last minute.


Well, technically, it is counted against them. Whether they cancel in the beginning or last minute, it affects a seller’s levels when they have so many cancellations compared to completed orders. Meaning, they could lose their level doing this.


I had a seller cancel on me last minute AFTER providing me with the service. I paid $5 for the service, when I received it I noticed he didn’t do as I asked him, I requested he change it to match what I stated in my initial description. He made the change I liked the change, and then said that he wasn’t supposed to make a change because I didn’t purchase additional services and requested that I cancel the sale. Sounds like a scam to me. So he basically wasted my time, didn’t pay attention to what I asked for and then cancelled leaving me no product at the last hour. I do understand that $5 is a very fair price, but if the seller intentionally doesn’t give you what you ask for just to generate additions for a fee…then it screams SCAM…


I suggest folks go to “Scam school” to learn what a scam is.

If someone does the work, does the revision, and then “cancels the order” it’s YOU who got away with something for nothing.

Remember a cancellation makes you whole. And why do so many people want to penalize sellers.

Having said all that, SELLERS, how about communicating better with your buyers so they know what’s happening and why.

Here’s a video I send to teach the process

I would also point out, unless a gig is canceled mutually, the seller either NEEDS to complete the work as described in the gig…and/or FORCE the cancellation which is just like getting a thumbs down in terms of how the system calculates “feedback”.

Finally, the buyers crying scam often DO in fact ask for things not paid for. That fiverr is the largest marketplace for services STARTING at $5 …doesn’t mean you get everything you want and anything you want for $5.

Reading is fundamental and a seller has the privilege of setting his/her terms.