Sellers Canceling Orders is Frustrating


I am new to Fiverr and my experience to date has been horrible. I will go back to crowdsourcing sites like, where I have had great success. Fragglesrock and fragglesrock both cancelled vector conversion orders after I paid for them (both had good reviews and samples) and my current order for a new logo with a different designer is 5 days in to a 10 days gig and I have not heard a peep from the designer.

I allowed fragglesrock to cancel because I was new. Fragglesrock is on the hook for the work - I declined to cancel…although I do not know if that has any impact or not. This is a joke and I cannot take this site seriously given my experience to date.

If sellers on here want some tips - tell buyers what is happening and DO NOT cancel gigs that YOU promoted.

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Spamming forum is against the TOS. I answered your SAME post above. If you violate forum TOS, it does make one wonder if you follow seller’s gig instructions.


It’s against the rules to call out other users in the forum. Problems with users are to be taken to Customer Support.


This just happened to me for the first time and I feel your frustration. To the sellers here who don’t like seeing someone being called out, here is why a person wants to:

The seller has 5 stars and is listed with great reviews. By cancelling your order, there is no way to post to let others know how they actually operate with some. Then more people waste time sending the seller the info he/she requests instead of working with someone who will do it.

( If you need to know how it went down. I bought a gig. He replied after getting the info he requested that he’d “get started on it right away!” and to please send the file again in another format, (which I did promptly). The next communication was from Fiverr saying he wanted to cancel. I declined and asked the seller if he needed more $ and that was fine or if there were any other issues to do the gig? No reply. One more email from me asking politely about it, - no reply. At least answer. Wasted my time and I missed my window for that press release.

Having shared that- Most of my experiences here have been positive. Outcomes are hit or miss but it’s a fiverr or sometimes 7 fiverrs. Still, it’s worth a shot. There’s talent here and some people who give a prof. reply and effort. Keep trying.


Reply to @teatemptress: Its not sellers that have a problem being called out or seeing others being called, its the fact that calling out any user - be it seller or buyer - is against the forum rules.

To the OP, if you want to ensure a seller can do the job you ask, try contacting them in advance to see if they’re available to do the job within the time frame needed. If they can’t, move on to another seller. Things do come up at last minute that not even the seller has control of.

Your frustration is understandable but don’t let the current experience soil your view of other sellers on the site. Give it another go and try contact the selected seller in advance before placing an order.

rockstardiver said: I will go back to crowdsourcing sites like, where I have had great success.
Of course you've had great success as a buyer on crowdsourcing sites. You have dozens or hundreds of people doing work for you without ever getting paid; you get to pick the one you like and then move on.

I'm not criticizing you for crowdsourcing (like so many other people do), but before you post your next 'contest' on one of those sites, think about how you would feel if you didn't get paid for work you've already done. ;)


It is incredibly unprofessional to just cancel an order without a peep to the buyer as to why. Your sellers might not realize that you probably can’t see the message typed into the cancellation request. Have you tried asking why your orders are being cancelled? With two cancellations in a row, you might be asking for something that, without knowing, is outside of their comfort zones and rather than try and fail to make you happy, they just give you your money back. It’s also possible that they’re just overbooked.

Either way, it’s no excuse to just cut off an order without any kind of explanation. Even just, “Sorry, I’m not equipped to do this,” or “Sorry, I can’t deliver this request in the time allowed,” (meaning the seller needs to extend their delivery time or go on “vacation” to get caught up) would be appropriate. If they haven’t provided an explanation, and for the buyer that hasn’t yet responded to your open order, send them a message through the messaging system. Sellers sometimes aren’t notified of messages on the order page and private messages are much easier to find.