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Sellers canceling their gigs


Hi Fiverr! I think buyers should be able to see how many gigs sellers have been canceling. It has happened to me various times this month to be waiting for some orders and, when the time is due, the seller just asks me to cancel the order… so that they do not lose their high ranking.

Not only do they fool the system, but this tweak is hurting Fiverr’s professional platform, as buyers can suddenly be out of schedule because of some irresponsible / non professional sellers… with a high ranking! :frowning:

Canceled orders should be shown on sellers’ profiles, and Fiverr should take a closer look at sellers who have peaks in their cancellation requests when they do their classification.


Some sellers (even top sellers) are great salesman, but won’t deliver what they promised, if you will see it, and leave negative feedback saying how it really looks like, they will offer a refund, you will get your money back, and feedback will get removed, most buyers will accept it.

But that high cancellation rate, it’s a big sign “There is something fishy”, and im not saying 20% or more, even 5%+ looks problematic, we should see the cancellation ratio, so we can avoid sellers, that are making money on unfamiliar buyers in particular fields, and cancelling the ones that knows.

We just deserve to know what are we really bying.


You can see cancellation rates–if it is high, it shows on the gig and profile page.


How do you recommend rating subjective work? Super sellers didn’t earn their status by delivering poor work and making buyers unhappy. I recommend you pay very close attention to the gig description and examples on the gig page. Do you have any specific examples of where a seller didn’t deliver what was promised?


Cancellations should all show with date and review. We as buyers should be aware of the seller’s behavior and record. Right now I’m getting ignored by a seller with 5 stars who’s late by 2 days. he just wants me to cancel the order so his record remains intact. Every single cancellation should show on his profile IMO.