Sellers Cancellation Rate


Is there a way buyers can see the cancellation rate for sellers? I’m new to Fiverr and can’t seem to get a seller to complete a job, despite giving them plenty of info prior to purchasing the gigs.


Like fastcopywriter said, cancellation ratio is irrelevant. I have 14% cancellation but I got 100% 5 stars rating too. The cancellation of mine were all due to buyers without discussing with me or without reading my sale page info and go ahead placing orders.

I have to cancel some of them as there are things that I cannot do or the price for the project was not right.


Cancellation ratio is irrelevant, specially if the seller has a satisfaction guaranteed policy, that might increase his ratio. Focus on the reviews, on the portfolio samples, message the seller, there’s lots of things you can do.

Another tip is to hire two sellers and see who does it best. Even if you end up spending $10 instead of $5, you’re protecting yourself and wasting less time.