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Sellers cancelling minutes before deadline


As a fiverr newbie buyer my initial experience has been very disappointing. Engaged one so-called graphics expert to create a logo and he cancelled hours before due time saying it wasn’t really his thing, so I accepted the cancellation. He recommended someone else and lo and behold, I’ve just received the same from her requesting cancellation just hours before due delivery time (saying it was too difficult). I have complied with their requirements in both cases and they are both 5 STAR fiverrs. Makes me wonder how many others they have let down. fiverr should monitor how many cancellation requests sellers put in having accepted a gig calculated as a % of their total completed gigs and publish it. This way buyers can see who cherry picks and who REALLY delivers.


It happens. Sorry for your unfortunate experience though. However there are highly reputable sellers here on Fiverr who will provide you with the required work. You just have to look around at their stats and ratings. In time you will eventually find someone. If you’ve not already found someone I’ll take a crack at the job.


As a buyer and seller, cancellations is something most sellers do not want to do…after all we are here to make money. But if they would of done your gig and you would of not liked it, the seller knows quite well how much of a pain it is dealing with an unhappy buyer after the fact. It isn’t the buyer’s fault, but the way Fiverr has set things up making it easier for a seller to cancel rather than risk the aftermath of doing a gig that may not be what the buyer wants.


Sounds like your asking too much for your $5 buddy. You want to try sending them a message asking if they can do it or how much it would cost to do :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Sellers generally refrain from cancelling gigs as it has an effect on our Cancellation Ratio. Try messaging a buyer before purchasing a gig to ensure they can give you what you want :slight_smile:


Most sellers prefer a cancel to thumbs-down. The fact that you said they are 5 star says it all.


That is why I require buyers to message me before placing an order–I state this clearly in my gig instructions. That way, I know I can complete what the buyer wants, and I know that the buyer’s request falls within the scope of the gig.