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Sellers, check your revenue now


This problem is getting hidden in a couple of posts about $3.40 instead of $4 posts but this is important and more widespread than those single posts lead us to believe (hence another post).

I don’t often check my revenue but I did this morning as a result of the second post I’ve seen on the $3.40 bug. I’ve lost a considerable amount of funds. my $90 order is paying me $12 less than I should have earned. These are adding up.

Check your revenue now and raise a ticket with CS if you’re getting less than you should have.


It’s OK–Skype may be introduced… they we have to pay for it somehow! Especially the monitoring! Every little bit counts. Be a good seller, now and let the dimes flow out of your pocket :wink:


That’s okay then. As long as it’s going towards something useful.