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Seller's Choice to Cancel Orders


Cancelling orders: otherwise known as the bane of my existence.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to refuse to do a client’s order, and Fiverr hasn’t been much of a help in that department.

Now, before you ask “why would a seller want to cancel an order,” hear me out first. My gigs are writing/blogging in nature, occasionally I run across requests and orders that I’m not comfortable writing. These articles are typically academic work, someone’s homework, and the sort. I’ve asked Fiverr numerous times to help me figure out how to cancel these orders, but to no avail. Yuck.


Go to manage sales, click on the order that you’d like to cancel, then scroll down to the bottom and click "having problems with this order or your buyer- click here"

Remember to read Fiverr’s terms of service on canceling orders


Will I get a negative feedback if I can cancel the order 2 of my buyers never gave me the name of the site or details they wanted to get designed and after 5 days they cancelled the order leaving a feedback that order cancelled because of delay.

Please help.


A guy just for the sake of fun made an order from me he turned out to be my office colleague and later asked me to return the money by cancelling the order, in return I got a negative feedback. :frowning:


Someone asked me to write a program for them based on astrology and numerology. Seriously, they wanted a program to help them compute magic. The buyer had a super, super complicated book (80 pages) on the numerology, and I repeatedly said I was charging them to read the book, create an algorithm, start to write a program, and that a program would be extremely expensive. The buyer was having trouble communicating in English. After it became clear to them that I was not going to write a program to help them complete a magic analysis of a horse race (seriously) for $30, we agreed to mutually cancel the remaining orders.

Fiverr then pulled my Level One Seller status, and I look like a chump now. This is THE major issue with Fiverr and me right now. I really like Fiverr, and it’s not a big enough of an issue for me to drop them, but I think it needs to be addresses.


I cancelled an order for a voiceover as the content was very graphic adult content and I specifically said on my gig that I don’t do adult content. The buyer has not accepted mutual cancellation so I hope this doesn’t affect my seller status.


Reply to @angelfish5: You can contact customer support if the buyer does not accept the cancellation. Don’t feel forced to work on something you are not comfortable with ;). Support can cancel the order for you.


You cannot always avoid cancellation. It’s more like a tool for your online services, so use it, but only when necessary.


I am woking for a guy from last one month he is from Korea. But when I asked him to pay me he is making excuses and counting days. I spend more than 5 hours a day last month. Now he is making trouble with me. Is Fiverr always listen to the Buyers or to the sellers also ?


why you have done work for without placing the order??


Whoa! A topic from 2012 :scream:


You never ever have to ask buyers to pay you, because they pay your prices when they place an order. And that money is held by Fiverr until the order is completed and payment clears. It is 100% against the rules/TOS to be asking for other forms of payment. Breaking this rule could get your entire account deleted.