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Sellers Claim Order Delivered Before its Delivered!

I have been buying some youtube views and within an hour of buying the gig I get a notice that the seller has delivered the order! I look at my video and the views aren’t there so wtf? The seller is scamming because they have a deadline to meet and by claiming the order is delivered they get out of the deadline!!! This is happening with many sellers of traffic and marketing and it needs to stop.

So if someone does this to you, please report it like I have. This is a way to scam the buyer so they don’t have to provide completed work in the time they quote!

Maria I have been running into the same thing lately on fiveer with seller writers offering services and then using pressure tactics to click complete the gig because they can’t deliver the job on time. I’ve also experienced in posting a request section robo gig offers and even some seller writing personal notes to get the gig. Only to find out and be burned that they never read the gig or cancel after you order the gig. Throwing my timetable in disarray. when I first started using Fiveer the service was great. But it’s getting to point were it is “hit or miss” depending on the seller you order from - and you can no longer even make an informed order decision based on their rating. “It is frustrating” and I wish fiveer had better checks and balances to deter these problems - to keep up their good reputation

It depends…I have bought a gig similar where I get a delivery message right away, but it means that the gig will start on that date, meaning whatever the seller is doing will start on that date so they are letting me know it starts today.

ARe you saying that you see no views increase over the next few days? You do realize that buying views, likes or anything else for social media should NOT happen all at once. Al at once means they are not real likes, views, followers but bots.

Also, it’s against he rules of Youtbe, Faceboook, Twitter and every other social media site to pay for views and likes and followers. So you are already scamming the system by breaking the rules anyway.

99% the seller is a scammer. Click on the request for a modification.

I am sorry, I didn’t read your name. Are you the real Mariah Milano? I am a big fan of yours if you are the real one. Why did you retire?

This same exact thing happened to me. Although at the time I didnt realize it happened.

I purchased a 1 hour consulting gig on skype. Seller had it immediately labeled as delivered. I paid no attention to it.

The rest of the story is in my forum post linked below (warning long post):
The seller I’m dealing with is in fact a very top rated well known seller.

Immediately hit on “modification” button as its against fiverr’s ToS to do what that seller did. You may take this matter to CS as well.

if your seller not provide work and trying to scam with you, then you need to send mutual cancellation request and if seller decline this request you can contact with customer support and report about seller with proof.

Reply to @egnesselinks: 99% sellers are not scammers on fiverr. I agree there are a few, may be 2-3%.

Reply to @rahulkajla1: I am not saying that 99% of the sellers are scammers. What I am saying is that 99% of the chances are that this particular seller whom Mariah Milano dealt with is a scammer.