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Sellers Community, I need Help!

Hi Sellers,

Does anyone has contacted CS recently? as I am not able to view my past requests and can’t even open the requests that I just created a few minutes ago. Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Looks like Fiverr has updated the Support page too.

Please Help!!!


It’s not a bug, it appears they re-designed the messaging system.

See this thread where other users are puzzled on how to retrieve old tickets.

I am already signed in. But whenever I click on my old requests the page takes me back to create a new request.

Weird Behavior of the Support Page!!

Yeah. I’m in the same boat :sailboat:. I think they designed it that way to make our lives harder. Which sucks, because I like to read old tickets, especially if I run into a similar situation, instead of opening a new ticket.

Try it on your mobile.

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I will try it on my mobile.

Thanks for responding.

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