Sellers Community! Please read if you have Zero Impressions, Views etc


Hi Sellers Community,

This is to inform you that for the past 48 hrs it has been seen that many sellers are complaining about their impressions, views etc have suddenly declined to “0”. I would like to inform the Sellers Community that this issue will be resolved soon and Fiverr tech team is already aware of this and working on it to resolve it real soon, as informed to me by the CS.

There’s nothing wrong with the seller’s gig. It’s an issue in the backend and will be fixed soon by the Fiverr Tech Team. In the meantime, focus on your orders and promotions. :slight_smile:

Good Luck!!

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**Update: The issue has been fixed.

What is happening with my gig?
Suddenly not to how is increase a single impression,clicks ,view in my gig
Impressions suddenly plunge to 0 for all my Gigs out of the blue
Suddenly not to how is increase a single impression,clicks ,view in my gig

Thanks for letting us know!
Do you know if there is an actual problem with our gigs not being visible, or is it just that the stats are wrong? (so let’s say, there are people seeing, visiting our gigs, but this is just reflected in the stats)?
Good luck to you as well and again, thanks for sharing.


Thank you! I noticed this and was beginning to wonder.


Oh god thank you for the info!:smile:


I suggest that we should wait for next 2-3 days until the situation improves and I will update this post again if situation doesn’t improve or remains as it is.



Thanks for letting us know!
We were really worried about this! Suddenly all came to zero, just zero. Was very shocked!

Thanks once again!


Thanks dear…for inform us…I was so worried :disappointed_relieved:


oh thanks! i thought so.


Thank you. Was searching all over to see if the issue was only for me.


Just as a note for future reference, this really isn’t very uncommon on Fiverr. Once in awhile, they reset the panel and everyone drops to 0 at once. Usually, it starts counting again pretty fast and you might not even notice it when your stats return to normal quickly. This one is only unusual because they seem to have had trouble getting the counter to start up again.

Anytime you see solid 0’s on a gig that isn’t brand new, it is going to be related to a system problem, not actually a lack of views/impressions/etc. If the counter is working properly, you would never stay at total zero for very long because even your own clicks are going to count for something. :slight_smile:

I am not getting in single view or impression on my gigs
All of my gig impression "0'' suddenly


Thank you for letting us know. I was worried from morning.


Hey Rahul good research bro ,carry on.


Thank you for the update. I was just thinking to contact CS. I was so worried, I did some changes in my gigs and suddenly its showing me 0 views ,0 expression & even 0 orders from past 4 days.

CS told you how much time they will take it??
Is any body facing same 0 orders from new buyers??


I have been assured that it will be fixed real soon. :slight_smile: The Teach Team is already working on it. The progress will move slowly as there are tons of gigs that might be affected from it. It will take some time to get back things on track. Stay Tuned for more updates…

It’s a matter of patience.

Good Luck!!


Thank you!! You are getting some issue with orders as well. I am not getting order from new buyers past 4-5 days.


Try promoting your gigs on social media and other social platform.

Good Luck !!


Today Morning when I show fiverr ap and seen my impressions was down. I check forum and here I find your post…Thank you so much…


Thank you. I am following this thread.


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