Sellers completing orders w/o delivery


I’ve seen it a few times on Fiverr. You find the perfect gig and your heart flutters with delight. Days go by and the order is nearing the deadline. Moments before the order becomes “late”, the seller marks it as complete without delivering and tells you to sit tight.

Does any one actually put up with this?? Sometimes it’s an honest mistake, but I always feel like I’m being scammed. It’s not like there is some huge downside to delivering on a late order… is there? I don’t cancel late orders, but I definitely cancel orders where the seller lies about delivering. The order below was in progress for 10 days before I got this “delivery”


Reply to @mark74: seriously! I wish high school had gone by as fast as my delivery periods do!


Reply to @madmoo: Terribly sorry about that. I’m new to the forum. The name has been removed.

I like your advice about requesting a modification and then reporting if things still smell fishy.

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I completely agree with @madmoo, with every single word she said.

Request a modification and remember the seller that empty delivers are not allowed from Fiverr and he could be reported for his behaviour!


Reply to @highdef: wow, plenty of sheriffs here… sounds like this pin is for sale right now :smiley:

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I likewise agree with the lovely madmoo. It’s important to remember that if you accept the completion as this seller hopes you will do, that the seller can use that against you and not deliver at all. This seller is clearly not an honest individual and I would be willing to bet my next one hundred gigs that of you mark it complete, you will never see your delivery.

This sellers arrogance is infuriating. It almost sounds like he’s blaming the short order time on you “but your order have not enough time deliver it”. Are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure the buyer doesn’t set the delivery times.

I have been late on an order a few times. However I have never had a buyer cancel or even leave less than a five star rating. I think it’s because I constantly communicate with them. They never have to wonder what’s going on or when they will receive their order. If I think I might run late (usually because I have too many orders of substantial size and too few hours in a day) then I let the buyer know as soon as I know. Even if I sometimes say "I’m trying my absolute best to deliver on time, but there is a chance I may be behind. I will keep you posted! I’m so sorry!"

It’s all about proper communication and treating people with respect. This seller has failed you in more ways then a late delivery. Basically this is a complete “what never to do” for seller behavior. I agree with everyone else, request the modification asap.

Good luck to you!


Reply to @missashley8705:

I have too many orders of substantial size and too few hours in a day
I’ve asked to have 36 hours per day… but I didn’t receive this gift yet :frowning:


Reply to @mark74: Put up a buyer’s request for it :stuck_out_tongue:


my first post but need 2 relax.

ok the " buyer’s request " is a no go. why ?

you have sellers who have no clue of what you are asking

(offers totally irrelevant to gig wanted / no I am not paying for bots any more ! )

this buyer’s request thing totally wastes my energy to plow thru them.


also on another note, seller cancels as order is " too complicated."

another seller sends me fake signups so I requested to cancel.

what gives ? don’t we have any more great fiverr sellers any more ??