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Sellers Confusing Buyers & Fiverr Not Helping

As a Buyer, I recently posted the following Request -

Reproduce an existing logo in Adobe Illustrator as a vector file. Client has lost original artwork. Will need original source files when completed. No changes needed to style - same colours to be used. Photo attached shows logo on shop sign but is out of perspective.

I think it’s pretty clear - particularly when I posted a photo of the existing logo - I’m not asking for a NEW logo to be DESIGNED. It already exists - my client just doesn’t have the original file. I was happy to see that I’ve received 25 responses but it looks like most of them haven’t even read the brief! I’ve either received Custom Offers which exceed my requirements, responses that say they can create me a great NEW logo, responses that say they can do it but don’t provide any details but then include a lot of Gig Extras - many of which are irrelevant to the brief!

In addition to that, the pricing/quotes are very confusing. Every response has a $5 button at the bottom of it and the buyer has to tick which ‘Gig Extras’ they want - even if they don’t make sense or contradict the brief!!

When Sellers are responding to a Buyers request, they should carefully READ and make sure they UNDERSTAND the brief. They should also accurately address the brief and clearly state what they will do to meet it so the Buyer can be confident there has been no misunderstanding or misinterpretation of what has been requested. Finally they should provide a breakdown of the costs in their message.

After receiving 25 responses to my request, not one of the Sellers have done this so now I’m trying to weigh up whether it’s worth my time responding to each one asking for clarification or whether to just abandon the exercise.

I tried to find somewhere on the website where I could send this to representative as a legitimate concern but have not been able to find any contact details with either a phone number or email address? If either of these means of contact exist, they’re pretty well hidden so I can only assume that the company isn’t interested in genuinely addressing anyone’s concerns …

Eventually you may realize searching for services instead of requesting them is much better, which is also the usual way of getting work done here on Fiverr. At least it works for me.

@rawvision this is due to fact that fiverr disabled direct communication with buyers who posted requests here.Which lead to big miscommunication between seller and buyers .
I think pre order clear communication is required before seller can send custom offer

Unfortunately, your experience is very common @rawvision. To be honest, it’s pretty impressive that the majority of responses were at least related to logos and not just complete garbage.

The easiest way to find what you’re looking for is to search for vector illustrators and directly contact the few that look promising. If your request respondents didn’t read the initial brief, it’s unlikely they will pay attention to any clarifications or have the ability to understand them.

I haven’t spent much time onsite lately, but it does seem that the previously hard-to-find contact information has been removed or hidden even deeper. Emailing used to work, but I’m not sure now. Good luck.

SO here I am, thinking, maybe I am crazy or too demanding to expect something fairly original, under specific design specs, but then to login and see what the Forum suggests, and BAM, here is a topic explaining how inept this whole process is. I asked a simple question and the Seller Designer went ballistic and within minutes was refunding money. Fiverr has a real problem. Not to mention they simply make it impossible to communicate with the company. What a complete waste of time.

CLIP ART is not original.

Keep in mind there are also many language barriers and not everyone speaks good English. So that is also one reason you are getting so many replies that are outside of what you want.

just email Customer Support.

Though there is really nothing they will do, each seller is responsible for their own stuff, they do not work FOR Fiverr, they USE the Fiverr platform to advertise and deliver their work. Fivver does not school sellers or require sellers to write in a certain level of English or certain format. You will get all kinds of notes from all kinds of sellers all over the world.

I would just wok the other way around. Find a few high rated logo sellers, send them an email ahead of time simply asking them if they can recreate the file. Do be sure to take notice if any particular seller charges extra for the commercial license.

Place your bids on related buyer requests.

Reply to @homepoint: Did you contact the seller prior to placing the order?

And yes, the system doesn’t always work for everyone. But clearly does for many who are happy top rated sellers who have tons of repeat buyers.