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Sellers contacting me out of the blue

I just got level 1, and since that day I’ve had people contacting me saying they offer X or Y service… any idea why? I haven’t posted a buyer request or anything. In order to not have a non-response tank my response rate I’m having to respond to them but they’re not buyers contacting me about my gigs, they’re more like spam. Anything I can do about this?


Just reply with a simple, no thanks and report their message. You just have to reply first otherwise it will affect your response rate. Fiverr will take care of them since spam messages are a violation of ToS.


Now that you are Level 1, sellers that are level 0 think you have hit the big time and have extra work to share with them! :laughing:

Do as @ligiacarvalho says.


Thank you and @ligiacarvalho for the advice, will do!

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I have a friend that makes a counter offer and tells the other person, “How about you order from me?” :joy:


Hello Dear,

Hope you are very well. I know this kind of situation is stressful for a proactive seller. However, what you can do it just report those message. FIVERR will take care of those case. As well as you can just inform this situation in support for a better reference.

Take Care. Have a blessed day!

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Hello Dear,