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Sellers contacting my client directly

Hi guys,

I posted a job on fiverr for a webdesigner, I included clients previous website so that sellers could see the past look and feel.

But now one seller has gone and gotten clients contact details and is mailing her directly and sending so many mails that it borders harassment.

How do I get fiverr to stop this?

Not post the website details publically in buyer requests?

Be very general about your needs in BR, and wait for sellers to come to you - only when you’re happy with them do you then give them more details.


I have to agree with @offlinehelpers on this. :slight_smile:
Send website address only to choosen designer. :slight_smile:

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That is a great tip for future use and I will definitely use it, but the question remains what to do about this particular person?

Thats unfortunate. If the seller has contact with you clients, then there is nothing fiverr can do here, its none of their business

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Fiverr can’t help you with that. :wink: Probably it’s best just to advise your client to block that email address. :wink:

Oh, thought they had some kind of penalty system or disciplinary measures because it’s against the rules to contact buyers via any means except through fiverr, but I guess that’s just a guideline then.

Thanks for your help guys

It’s none of their business? Their entire business is a communication platform between buyer and seller, I have no issue with them being in contact with my client, the issue is the volume of mails.

That’s the whole point of having message system in fiverr so you don’t have to deal with a million mails. It literally states underneath the message block that It is prohibited to contact each other via any other means.

But yeah, I am certain that’s “none of their business”

The buyer requests section is visible to anyone who has a gig in each particular sub-category.

It may not even be a Fiverr user who’s contacting your client - they may simply pass the information onto somebody else.

They’ll be contacting your client from an email address which probably isn’t associated with Fiverr in any way, and they’re not about to say ‘BTW - my Fiverr username is blahblahblah.’

So, no, I can’t see how Fiverr can do anything in this case - sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I understand the issue, we never dare to contact with any client through mail, if that person has done that, in that case fiverr will definitely fix that issue

I think that this is an increasing problem. I say this as I have had 2 buyers this week who have insisted that all communication goes through them and not their client.

Sadly, all you can do is report the matter and the seller should get banned as this is a huge breach of trust and TRS.

But how to find the particular seller?

If the website details were published in the BR section, it could have been anybody.