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Sellers controlling their star ratings

So I was in the market to get a business logo designed. I tried using Fragglesrock who had perfect 5 star rating to only find out that if she doesn’t do what you ask she will cancel the order refund the money and the buyer wont be able to properly review the seller b/c the seller just has to cancel the order! How do i know this? Cuz it happened to me and i contacted customer support to get a response saying they cant help me, but in the future for me to contact them sooner??? This happened w/in a week of the seller cancelling.

Regarding Fragglesrock: I would rate her 1 star in all levels. Communication was none existant for 2+ weeks. Turn around time is 20 days, so i gave her her time, but in the meantime i tried asking if she needed anything, if she understood what i was asking for, and at 1 point i even asked if she was still around. Response? Yes, the day after i ordered from her, she said “thanks”! Never heard back for 11days when I, again, tried contacting her. Got a response. Week later saying ill be receiving my logo shortly…OMG! The logo had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO W WHAT I REQUESTED! Got a revision to something my 5yr old can do and then she finally tell me it would be $30. This could have been communicated w/in the 1st 3days of placing the order like my new guy did…DO NOT USE Fragglesrock FOR ANYTHING! Ill use this as my review since Fiver and the seller wont allow true customer reviews. Shame on her and bigger shame on Fiver!

Thanks for listening,


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I posted this 2 times because the 1st 1 was in the wrong section. Sry! Not 1 of you who responded know my story… i used her because she had few ratings and as a buisess owner i like to give others a chance. I didnt care about the 20 days and never said otherwise. The Seller could have communicated w in days asking for more money and i would have understood and probably gave it to her. But when i have to chase someone to get a simple response, it becomes a problem. And easy there Rapper… No immaturity here just someone giving their review since i wasnt allowed. When i sent her a msg today it’s funny how i received a response W/in 10min.

Its also interesting that the current guy doing my work is doing a great job and everything was explained identically. And yes, i gave him $30 and i will tip him too.

Buyer beware of name removed from Sheriffs!

You are so wrong. First of all,you are not following any of the rules here on the forum. Why exactly would anyone take you into consideration if you don’t read the rules here…

Not reading the rules of this forum can only make me think that you never read the description of the gig you mentioned above.

Because of people that are not reading the TOS of Fiverr or the TOS of the gig they are ordering, fiverr is becoming worse every day . Also sellers can’t respond in real time because guess what ? THEY WORK . Do you think that someone with 150-200 orders in line is going to respond to your messages in 5 minutes? Gosh

About the turnaround. I saw that the gig you mentioned has a FAST DELIVERY option. No one made you wait 20 days,it was your choice.

How can you say ‘’ Shame on her and bigger shame on Fiverr’’ ?Buyers like you make me think about working somewhere else rather than wasting my time for 5$ so I can get cheap negative reviews and free insults . Such a behaviour is a shame for the entire community .

Sir you sound so immature and disillusioned. Please delete your account. I wish sellers were able to review buyers, so when we look on their page we see all the comments about them so we can decide whether or not we want to work with them. Unprofessional buyers are the worst!

Again,you are not respecting any of the rules. People like you should be banned really… Perhaps someone is going to do the community a favor. You just been warned above about the rules of this forum and you are still not following them. This is a civilized community,not a jungle

Most of the sellers on here are doing this part time. I agree with the fact the communication could have been better. In regard with the feedback though, this is how the system works. If you receive a refund you cannot leave a review. Buyers have different preferences, you might not like her style or her design other buyers might love it. Glad you found a good match though. But it is against TOS to call out other users here in the forum.

good show

its against TOS to call out users by name here on forum. You are now talking about new guy that is doing your work nicely its not he its you that you are now experienced that how to handle sellers on fiverr. Reading description, sending them couple of questions to check there response time and ability of work.

You got experience from your first order with her. But YOU WAS ABLE TO GET EXPERIENCE BY READING TOS AND HER DESCRIPTION BEFORE ORDER.

instead of insulting her in community you had still have canceling the order, say in reviews that you are not happy with here work.

you said that you are able to design or your new can do that design, but did you know every one can say about any design if once he see the design.

you can create logo like google, fb, amazon, but was you able to design a logo for such a big website before see their logo? no now you seen them and you can do that easily (only because now you have an idea)

so dont insult designers or seller by saying that you was able to do it yourself or insulting them in community.

At least she was very nice by accepting order cancellation and refunding your money!!

c’mon a lot of sellers won’t even accept modifying work!

You want her to do your work and then get a refund and you still want to insult her and complain for not being able to review her!

what’s more important to you, reviewing her or your $30? I think you made your choice so stop complaining…

Well if anyone needs a LOGO i can make one and i comunicate well and deliver quickly. PLEASE contact me ASAP for a quality logo and overall great experience MICHAELCARENTE