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Sellers copying other sellers' gig descriptions

Hello everyone! Lately, I have discovered that several sellers have copied my gig description word by word, including my credentials (educational background, etc.).

Yesterday, I have edited my description. They will probably copy that too.

How would you proceed if you were in my place? I don’t think it’s fair that you’re working hard to create a compelling description and someone steals your work!


You can’t ‘name and shame’ others on the forum. Please remove the reference to another seller.

You have two options -

Either change your description (looks like yo have) and maybe mention that you are the original - beware of imitators!

Or -

Report to customer services. I’m not sure what they would do about it, but it might get you a resolution.

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I have deleted the name, but I think there should be a way to report these people! I have contacted customer service. I have also uploaded a screenshot of my diploma to prove my credentials.

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Why cant people just write what they are providing or get someone else to do it, its really not that hard. not very trustworthy sellers in my opinion.


@andra33 You report to customer services with the proof or you flag that person stolen your article . I hope customer services must be action.

Have a nice day.

You can report those people to Fiverr CS because it is a violation of the TOS. I do a sweep like once or twice a week because my description for my tshirt gig gets stolen on the daily. Sometimes I contact the person and give them a chance to remove it. CS does a pretty good job of removing the gigs (I have MANY tickets with them lol).

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It’s so simple,
just report to Fiverr Customer Support, after verification, they will remove the gig.

How do you do the sweep? Thanks.

You can enter the title or gig description into a page on google that finds identical text. Search on google for something like “text copy” to find a free site that will check it for you.

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Like the free plagiarism website Copyscape?