Sellers criticizing other sellers!


I am a member of FIVERR for about 3 months now and recently made it as a level 1 seller.

When I first joined FIVERR I never really had a clear idea as to how all this work since its my first time working online. I was advice to check the FIVERR FORUM for help as to how this all works, when I checked it was a bit helpful when reading but somethings were still not clear to me example; Buyer’s Requirements, Tags, etc.

I went back to the FORUM read some sellers concern about gigs, how some of them achieve their levels they’re at, and what I noticed in the comments when other sellers ask for help instead of some sellers helping them they would not only criticize them but mock their work or profiles without offering any proper help while some of them would give you the point blank answers which is good but not always helpful.

I recently posted a discussion of how I made it to a LEVEL ONE SELLER, I received comments of congrats, advice and so forth. The next day when I log into my Account I had over 20 messages when checked they were from NEW SELLERS, LEVEL 1 and 2 SELLERS seeking help. I helped each and everyone one of them step by step using images as examples and being extremely explicit with them. They were all grateful for the help and advice I had given them and said; ‘thank you’, I told them ‘I am happy to help and if ever they ran into any trouble am just a message away.’ Most of their response after telling them this was: ‘you’re the only seller that did not criticize my work but yet pointed out my errors and give me examples, you went through my gigs step by step while some other sellers just criticize and just tell you to change this or that without giving any reasons as to why to and that some of them didn’t care.’ I was Surprise.

In the end of all this…what am trying to say is that we as sellers on FIVERR NEED to STOP CRITICIZING other sellers, be patient and learn to help each other, especially to the sellers who are working online for the first time. Yes, everyone wants to get to the top, but why keep your knowledge to yourself? Teach what you learn and experienced, pass it on to others to avoid bad reviews for you never know when you need that help and the seller you criticize will be the one to help you. IT DOESN’T KILL OR TAKE FROM YOU TO BE NICE AND HELPFUL!


Reply to @judy_love: I actually do not think there is as much mocking going on as there is constructive criticism.


Reply to @judy_love: so are you saying that the people who got mocked here in the forums then came to you for advice? Was it the same people or just different new sellers?


I wouldn’t say it is that bad.
I did receive all the help I needed when I started. And I myself helped everyone who asked for advice. Although I’m not that experienced here as many others, but I’m satisfied with what I’ve got. Sometimes people just can do stupid things and that’s why they may receive such reaction, I guess. You cannot say that they are new and not experienced on fiverr and that’s why they do elementary mistakes in the stuff they supposed to be good at. For instance recently one guy asked me to check his gig. He is, as I am, a programmer. He wanted to look smart, I guess, and put some code in his descriptions. The code was with errors, very simple syntax errors. I adviced him to remove errors, since nobody would order from programmer who advertises his service with errors in the code. It has nothing to do with experience on fiverr.


I think it depends. Constructive criticism is definitely a good way of helping out. Not everyone has the same amount of time to help others out in detail, while they have time chatting on the forum.

Sometimes sellers just need to learn things themselves - there are already tons of tips on the forum just doing a simple search.

Sometimes you see sellers asking for help obviously for the sake of self-promoting. People are just frustrating to see that happen and happen again. Stolen profile pic, stolen portfolio, self-proclaimed SEO experts asking about getting sales, pirated video templates - all these are examples that quickly generate criticisms.

If they can’t face the criticisms from the fellow sellers, how can they face some of the difficult buyers?


Great piece, i subscribe to being nice to order sellers and buyers alike. It should however, not take the place of constructive criticism. Some people cant even take little criticism, we must accept correction no matter what.


I am totally not seeing any of this, lol


All I can say is… You can’t impress everyone.

Maybe the seller who was “criticizing” saw his/her post as something else and the receiver (the seller being “criticized”) took it another way.

Either way Fiverr is filled with many different people all having very unique personalities and attributes, and maybe some won’t agree with each other, some will…

There will be some who would help, there will some who won’t. Let’s be grateful for those who do help. It’s just like that… It will always be like that. That’s just how the world works. :slight_smile:


PREACH! I think it takes someone special to actually HELP another seller out who may be their competition. Good for you.


I agree completely. I often wonder why some are on the forum seemingly just to be critical. If I felt that angry about things, I think the best thing would be to stay off the forums!

I love the sellers who have been helpful to me, and those who have reached out to me for advice too. It makes me happy to help others. My feeling is we’re all in this together, trying to do the best work we can and serve our clients well. A little healthy competition is good to make us do our jobs better, but mostly we’re on the same team here.

  1. IT’S STILL THE INTERNET: On the subject of the community forum, it’s worth saying that even though you’re on Fiverr, it’s still the Internet, so you need to grow a thick skin. People will say stuff that you don’t like and don’t agree with, and that’s not necessarily against the rules. Deal with it. - See more at:


I understand what you are saying. I have seen some bold criticisms from sellers to other sellers . This is particularly prevalent amongst graphic designers. Over the years I’ve noticed how senior graphic designers can be very harsh and sometimes rude when giving critiques about a new designer’s work. I saw something like this just the other day. I hope the person who was criticized is dealing with it okay and will not give up on her goals.

When I first started in the late 90s I was actually told that if I didn’t know how to do this or that, then I shouldn’t get into graphic design. It hurt my feelings, but I got over it and went forward anyway. As time went on I got better and I even landed a job in the creative department of a print shop.

Unfortunately, as designers criticism is something we have to learn to deal with. I’ve developed thick skin since my first days and I actually welcome it because I learn from it whether it comes from another designer or a client.


Not that I agree that other seller’s are criticizing but if you are going to do a business, let’s say selling on Fiverr, it could be useful to do your homework or research before you ask, then if you have done these things and you need clarity you ask. I think what other seller’s are frustrated with is that new seller’s come on and ask how can they make a sale, for example and this sometimes can be a turn off when this is posted numerous times, when all the new seller had to do was research on the internet or on the forum, but instead he/she found the “easier” way to make a post. You have to take responsibility for your business, do some researching and planning. From you can start a discussion asking for help you can do the research. I do not agree with tearing down a seller, but once personally I can help I will, I would rather not say or do anything than to tear another seller down.


Maybe but then again, who knows, how you interpret what to do is something different than how I may interpret it.


I’m rather active on the forums and I’ve got to say I don’t think I’ve seen much ‘unjust’ criticism. As people have already mentioned in this post, there’s a difference between unjust and constructive criticism.

Directly belittling another sellers work isn’t nice and if I personally saw something which crossed a line I would take action on that in my capacity as forum Sheriff. However, if someone is posting a gig URL to ask for tips and suggestions, they should be open to all comments they receive (both good or bad) - it’s an open forum and we’re all adults. Even if they are not asking for feedback, you could argue directly sharing their URL goes hand-in-hand with it (especially if it’s posted in the wrong category after multiple warnings!).

There is another side to this though. As others have mentioned, a user will often be called out if they are posting a gig and clearly using a fake profile photo, representing themselves from a different country or offering an unethical service. I, personally, won’t stop this. I take pride in my Fiverr account and work, there is nothing more horrible (to me) to see questionable gigs being promoted which have a negative effect on the Fiverr marketplace.

As an example:

‘I will send you any premium software for $5’

I have seen gigs like this before. The seller offers to illegally pirate software and give it away for $5. Some sellers may think, “it’s their account, leave them to it”. However, gigs like this don’t just affect their account. They affect ALL of our accounts. Let’s say a buyer comes on this platform, see’s the gig and realises how fraudulent it is. Do you think they are going to be confident ordering other services they see offered, having seen that? I will take it upon myself in that situation to report the user and warn them of their behavior.

The forums are not just a destination to have your gig directly reviewed. There is no onus on users to do that - any information provided is always optional and we aren’t obliged to help. So, when you see the 100th post of the day asking “how do I get more sales?”, you’re unlikely to receive feedback. If the original poster had read and searched other forum posts, they could easily know where to look and find many many articles to improve their Fiverr business.

In regards to the inbox messages you have been receiving and have helped people with, that is fantastic. However, please don’t assume a seller not doing this is a negative thing - it just isn’t always a possibility. As a top rated seller, I receive help messages all-day everyday. There is no possible way I could provide support to that many people - even if I completely gave up work just to service other sellers! When I was made the first super seller, I received about 150 orders in the space of a couple of hours. I received hundreds more messages asking me to improve other peoples sales.

TL;DR Helping others is great but just because some sellers may not do it doesn’t make them a bad Fiverr user. In the same way, providing criticism doesn’t make you a bad Fiverr user and it is often some of the most valuable advice you’ll ever receive.


Reply to @willpower_hk: Yes you have a valid point indeed but criticism is good at times yes but not by mocking or make fun of their gig and commenting it aloud on the forum for others to see and make it mockery…that’s not nice. But as I said you have a valid point. Thanks for sharing


Reply to @timelyservices: Yes we all must…its sometimes one of the ways to help us strive to do things our selves and prove to others that we are strong…but a little criticism is good but not constantly mocking it in a comment on the forum and have other sellers having the best of the laugh causez they reached a level that one has not yet reached.


Reply to @gailbunning: there’s thousands of forum and you mightn’t always have the time to read all the comments to see such. just saying.


Reply to @theratypist: Thats so true…you are absolutely right.


Reply to @theratypist: whilst this is true it is most unfortunate that after everything humanity has been through people still find it difficult to work together and put their differences aside. That said @judy_love nice post if you keep it up you may just make it as our next sheriff.