Sellers Delivering Empty Gigs and/or Cancelling


I ordered two writing gigs from a seller and after a few days she delivered both gigs to me empty, saying she was going to deliver them for the sake of her gig and then she was going to work and that night she’d send my story; that was a few days ago and I’ve received nothing from her- I wrote to her yesterday morning and asked her when she’d be delivering and she hasn’t bothered to respond.

I put in a ‘request for modification’ but I’m not sure what will happen from this point- she doesn’t appear to have any sense of accountability and sure I can leave her a negative review but I’ll lose my money, which doesn’t seem right.

I also ordered another story from a different writer who made me wait until delivery time, let the gig go late and then gave me a mutual cancellation and said she was recovering from an out-of-town trip and she wasn’t going to do the order- I know that accepting the mutual cancellation lets her get away with it b/c it’s not reflected in her ratings but spending $5 to leave someone a negative review is hardly worth it- what would you do in these situations and why do people have their gigs up if they’re not available to perform the services? I’d like to be a good buyer but I really am confused by this behavior.

Any advice?


If you want money back, you need to cancel order. But then you cant leave review. As you know that already.

Only thing to leave review and get your money back is if seller is late in delivery and you can have option then to cancel. And automatic review will be display, canceled, seller failed to deliver on time.

To be honest. I would rather take money back and not leave review. If seller is “newer” he or she will make new account or remove gig and make same again. If seller is “older” and have alot order complete then it will not reflect much on rating.

Personally, I am never leaving order till last minute. Once happened that I delivered 1 hour before deadline, but I had emergency at home. And once I delivered “empty” because I was waiting for buyer to reply (and that buyer was regular client and I didnt want order to be late because of waiting)

But if sellers delivers empty and says in few hours will be done, and after that no reply, I would cancel order, or send ticket to support so they can cancel. If they cancel, that will not be mutual cancelation and it will reflect on profile.

I hope this helped a little