Sellers DEMANDING 5 stars


I have seen sellers demand from buyers to commit (before booking the gig) to give the seller 5 stars. This should not be allowed and reported on Fiverr.

I just had a nad experience as a buyers, booking a very simple gig with someone who had all 5 stars and the gig was bad because of bad communication. Basically, the brief was to keep my logo the same, also the colours, e.g. red stays red, white lines stay etc., but to brighten and freshen it up a bit and to make the background transparent (example of how it was meant to look was provided). Easy. First draft was this: all different and very dark colours ( green was suddenly dark violet, etc.). Next: Logo had changed more (lines gone etc.). Third draft was me getting my logo back the same but the green being darker and background finally transparent. Even though it was not entirely what I asked for I gave up. This was all very frustrating and took a long time. The buyer demanded 5 stars which I reluctantly agreed to as he did some work but I wrote to him that communication was bad. The reply was: I am a good seller, so will cancel gig and you get a refund or you give me 5 stars on everything. I felt so bad being asked to give dishonest feedback and at the same time not paying someone who did “some” work. Maybe I ended up with this seller because I believed someone else’s dishonest feedback.
In the end I chose to agree with the cancellation as it is bad practice to try to coerce customers into good feedback for bad work.
So please sellers, be honest about your abilities, don’t pressurise buyers into lying to other buyers and learn from honest feedback.


Wanted to make a similar thread here and it seems Fiverr doesn’t really care, i had at least 3 sellers who are in the top youtube section, asking to give them 5 stars for like more extra youtube views or demanding 5 stars if you need something that is in the basic advertisment, like i asked a seller for the youtube banner he made for me but without a background, he asked me to edit my review so when i gave him 5 stars he would send this, i could not even edit it but i would have refused it anyway. Now i know why some of these sellers selling botviews for youtube are so highly rated, they pretty much ask or demand people for the 5 stars in return for extra free services or services that should not come for making a review with 5 stars!


Fiverr has been cracking down on sellers behaving badly in relation to reviews. I suggest you report sellers who do this to customer service showing a screenshot of what they said and quoting the relevant part of the Fiverr Terms of Service.


I run into this every time I order on Fiverr. It’s very disappointing.

A bonus is acceptable to offer a buyer for leaving a review in general, but they should not be allowed to say “if you leave a five star review.”


Geesh, ya’ll.

Give good review for good service.
Give good review and tip for great service.

Report to CS for illegal service (giving you stolen logo or illustration, as an example) & get your money back.

Leave adequate or no review for adequate service.

You do know leaving review is optional, right?