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Sellers... DO NOT DO THIS!

It’s been said before and I’m going to repeat this again - do not send established sellers a message about them hiring you for services. We are sellers too! If I do not reach out to you, do not reach out to me. I have been bombarded by multiple sellers (at least four) in this past week - appears to be mostly newbies - asking me to give them my work.

Right now, my new client level is next to zilch - I’ve got just barely enough orders to help me out - I’m not worried about it though. But, even if I did have a lot of orders, I am not going to give you orders just because you message me and ask me to do so, claiming it would benefit me.

Absolutely not!

I am not going to give you orders that way! Read how the site works and work for it like the rest of us.

Just stop! I will report and block you!


I don’t know why this is hidden already, but you are absolutely right about it.

Many messages are from other new sellers look for work. People should read TOS and know that messaging other sellers looking for work is forbidden and they can get banned because of it.


The one last night asked me how it was spam and that it was a win/win for me. No, it’s not! It’s just annoying.


Hmm. I had messages like that few times. I guess it is popular these days


Don’t let that happen. Just block them for spamming as soon as you answer to their message so that your response rate doesn’t take a hit. It won’t make you a bad person, promise! :slight_smile:

Plus, since they don’t bother to read, they’re unlikely to read this thread and learn from it.


The way the original message was worded, I wasn’t for sure if he was a seller looking for work or a buyer needing work done - language barrier, ya know?

When I asked for clarification if he wanted me to hire him for work, he said yes, and I wrote back saying Fiverr considers it spam and I would report him for it.

Hence the further asking. Before I could block him though on the phone, the new message came through.

I’m sure sellers won’t be reading this but at least I get it off my chest.


Excellent post! I have had three of those in the past week alone. I always wonder why anyone would think I’d give my work to other people. I know outsourcing goes on, of course (I don’t do it!) but not to people who are brand new with no track record of quality.


Some people seem to think that established sellers somehow owe it to them, and that work should be shared among all the sellers equally, or some such nonsense.


I wonder if asking other sellers for orders is part of the class the new influx of posters who ask about TOS and so on are taking?


[quote=“melanielm, post:7, topic:343747”] I
know outsourcing goes on, of course (I don’t do it!) but not to people who are brand new with no track record of quality.
Absolutely. And most of the people who contact me asking for writing work have terrible grammar. I would never give work like that to my clients. These sellers need to find clients that are a good match for them, and build their own experience.


wow cool post. thanks for sharing

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why anyone harm their reputation by outsourcing work, either they are on the process of hit or miss or they are dumb

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I got messages from new seller asking for work and sometimes for fake small orders
so that they get a 5 start review from me. and I got a message from a kid asking to gift him a play-store gift card just because I charge $100 for a video so I must be haveing so much money.
I am tired of replying such new sellers.


Ugh people are so entitled. You did the work and are not in the buyer’s debt!


yeah, it’s the truth that’s many newbies did that. But I think you should let them know what you think, don’t need to block or report them :slight_smile:

Why waste time on those who can’t be bothered to read the ToS?

Not to mention that blocking them and reporting them will tell them exactly how you feel about their message.


I got a new one today. Someone asked me to give them work and, if I did, they’d give me an Instagram shout out. Woohoo… Good grief.


How could you resist that offer?

I got one from the US Department of Health today saying I would be a perfect proofreader for them because I was located in the UK. What? I am from the USA! Furthermore, they wanted to have contact off of Fiverr. I reported and blocked them! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good Day, in my opinion, being a freelancer on fiverr , its vitally important to have a credible or legitimate skill to sell. Working with devotion and dedication is the only way of earning a good livelihood on fiverr.