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Sellers, do you brag about your tips?

In my never ending endeavor to find another seller to :heart: for future purchases, I found something interesting about myself.

A particular seller, gender unknown, wrote “Thank you for the tip,” or “Thank you for the great tip,” on their reviews of the buyer. As I was scrolling thru their review, seeing that phrase over and over again, I whispered something to myself that made a bell go off.

“Geeze, this guy (don’t know why I said guy) must be really good. He’s got a ton of tips.”

I practically heard the ding, ding, ding of a bell going off in my head. I recall having a short conversation with Mila about if a seller should or should not thank the buyer on the review. I told her, I personally did not care. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate some sort of an acknowledgement, just don’t care how.

Perhaps there is something to posting it in the review. I can’t speak for every buyer, but it seems my subconscious mind saw the fact this seller was getting a lot of tips as a sign of being a great seller.

I dunno, I could also be off my rockers. Are you a buyer, who have thought the same thing? Are you a seller who already knew this?


I have read of this, but decided not to do it myself, as the buyer may want to keep info like that to themselves. :slight_smile:


That’s a good question… I’ve never thought about that. As a seller I have never publicly thanked my clients in the review when they leave a tip, I often thank them in a private message…

I guess I don’t know what I should answer. Haha

Edit: I don’t understand why I always apologize. So I took out the “I’m sorry” lol


I always thank my clients if they leave a tip, but in a private message.


I’m guessing some buyers would want to keep that private, so I can understand your hesitation.

It’s just something that happened so I was curious. :grinning:

This is a double edged sword.

In this day and age, giving a tip has almost become a fashionable thing to do.

People think if that person didn’t tip, he/she is a cheap a$$.
(I am talking in context of restaurants etc.)

And I am sure everyone is aware of it.

Now here on Fiverr, if Fiverr wanted to you to advertise a person giving a tip they would have said so, instead they do this:

So obviously, it is an indication that this extra action on post-delivery is a personal choice as tips are never guaranteed.

Now here’s another take on it, if I continue to flaunt that my buyers are leaving me a tip, what might happen is, the next buyer may not even leave a feedback review. Because are you not indirectly coercing your buyer to force them to leave a tip by flaunting all your reviews with buyers who has?

Am I right or am I left?


Same here.


Tipping is also a cultural thing. I’ve been to countries where there is no such thing as a tip in a restaurant or anywhere else. In the U.S., however, there are tip jars next to the cash register and everyone, everywhere wants tips for everything.

I was curious as to which side of the coin sellers are on that.
So, I can see where you stand. :grinning::grinning:

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It totally is, and being a world citizen, I can attest to that.

But also working for tips as a college student, has made me utterly respect those professions that rely on it.

So I would naturally tip anywhere I am in this planet now, because WHO doesn’t appreciate :dollar:??


I feel weird doing it but sometimes it seems the thing to do. I can’t really explain it; it depends on the buyer. So sometimes I add it and sometimes I don’t. I’ve got at least 4 times as many tips as I thank for on my reviews so maybe I’m just confusing the hell out of everyone.


I would never ask for a tip nor tell the world about a tip I have received. It just doesn’t feel right at all. It feels like it should be kept as part of the private deal and conversation I have with my buyers. I always thank them with a direct message though.


I’m one of those who publicly thanks everyone who leaves a tip. And yes, I notice the next couple days, others do it too…

Since nobody knows what they originally paid and I don’t say, “Thanks for the $50 tip”, the amounts are still private.

The more I thank them, the more other buyers tip also. YMMV.

PS: I also think it DOES cause others to recognize the value of what I’m delivering is far beyond the Fiverr price point. Others may not leave a review, but so far my ratings are at 70% across a couple thousand VO gigs.


You mean this?

I’m always curious as to what other buyers think. I wish more would stick around to give their opinion.

I don’t think there is anything wrong or right, it’s a matter of personal choice. Just sharing something that happened with me.

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Is it about me? I generally acknowledge those who tip me, because it is unexpected and I never ask for a tip. This is to show that I am grateful. I think I thanked you for your tip as well. I have no agenda, just an expression of thanks.

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Actually, it was a level 2 seller that I never worked with before - gender unknown. One of those username and profile pic where you can’t tell.

Edit: I didn’t say there was anything wrong with it. I was just sharing something that happened.

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I generally acknowledge a tip in my review of the buyer to show that I am grateful, that’s all.


Sometimes I say thanks in my reviews and sometimes through private message.For example, if I get tip from same buyer for 3 times I prefer to say thanks once in my review. Receiving tip always delights me. ,


I never thanked a buyer for tips I received… oh wait, I never received any tips :money_mouth:



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