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Sellers, do you feel you can rate buyers honestly?


So your experience with a buyer is less than ideal. Maybe they were rude, or they nickle-and-dimed you, or they demanded extra work for free. Well, you might not get your time back, but at least you can leave a review on their profile so other sellers know to be careful, right? But do you really dare rate them less than 5 stars?

Providing anything less than a perfect rating would most likely ruin any chance of working with the buyer again, or at the very least it would sour the relationship. If the experience was so bad that you never want to work with them again, what might that person do in retaliation for a bad review? No one likes to be criticized, and sellers are not immune to sabotage.

It’s not necessarily something to stay up at night worrying about, and I don’t know how the buyer review system could be improved. But I do wonder how accurate it really is.


They can actually use the account of families or friends to retaliate and hurt you with terrible remarks and unkind reviews.

I don’t think I’m strong enough to give a buyer a negative review and a super honest feedback.
What I do is:
I just limit myself to the positive traits of the buyer and move on.
I don’t want anyone to start hunting my innocent self with various accounts , kus people buy with other’s account too.
So maybe when I become a major seller, I might be …


The truth is that I feel like I made a shift after using the blind review system, though I do rate honestly, I don’t always rate the “buyer.” After considering some responses I saw from Support, if I had a new buyer and I wasn’t sure how it would go, I left a rating that reflected my experience with the sale, not really the individual buyer. That way I can rate honestly without taking much risk.

If a buyer communicated with me well and was responsive, I say something about those things or I just say that I enjoyed doing the work, which is true. If the buyer were to leave me a negative review, my review would still reflect my own experience accurately. So far I haven’t had a need to use the other option to respond after the exchange of blind feedback. If I did use it I would probably give an additional explanation about what happened with the order if a buyer left something unusual.


I’m a seller and like to keep it positive with buyers unless they are abusive to me in some way. What business person in their right mind publicly berates their clients, or publishes their flaws or personality problems for others to read about? They would have to be really bad for me to say negative things that get posted on their profiles.

I’m fortunate to get overwhelmingly nice clients most of the time. Sure sometimes I am irritated but still I’m not about to say anything bad about a client, unless they are deliberately horrible to me.


A very good point indeed.