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Sellers Don't Like Getting Tested

I’m having a very unpleasant conversation with a buyer who wrote me this, after being told I’d be glad to help her:

“I would like to give you a test first before deciding. attached is the test.”

She was informed I don’t do tests, why should I? Burger King doesn’t give you free burgers, why should I work when I haven’t been paid?

“WOW. guess you are really not professional and you are proud. So what you are Top Rate Seller, I haven’t work with you and I don’t even know if you are up to my expectation. People expectation is different from mine and I can’t just based on their comments.”

Really? Most sellers here have refund-friendly policies, can’t you just take a chance?

“If you are really that good then you would be able to take up the test. But guess you are not willing to show your skill with the test.”

And then buyers wonder why sellers get angry?

So here’s my tip, if a seller says “no,” that means no, so either find another seller or place an order, but don’t waste your time and mine arguing.

The idea of a test is ridiculous.Samples fine. Tests on the other hand just = “I want this work for free and even if we do start working together I’m going to treat you like crap.”

I know the feeling. Not so long ago, someone messaged me for doing 15 pages presentation for the test/sample, to see what to expect from me…

Personally, the solution to this is to give them a price for sample orders. For our Gig, anyone who wants a sample order, will get a certain amount of words proofread for $5. Win-Win, no argument. Not every buyer has the professionalism to understand that free work isn’t something to get from professionals; however, don’t be afraid to let them know sample orders have sample prices.

If they can’t afford that, then they probably wouldn’t be able to afford the actual order anyway.


That’s someone I would not even reply to at all. The person is rude and I don’t respond to rudeness. Nor would I consider any sales to them. Don’t even waste time thinking about it. Just put them on permanent ignore mentally.
Anyone who treats others this way has a type of mental imbalance.

Such a BS tactic to get under your skin and challenge your work. Those are the one’s who end up losing since they don’t get anything. Chance are, no one will be willing to work with someone with that type of attitude at all. Saying no to someone like that is the biggest insult to them :slight_smile:

That’s just what my mother told me. I should have stopped replying the minute it got nasty, but I got a bit of a thin skin.

It’s not you they are mad at, it’s just the way they are, enjoying beating up on a stranger verbally, feeling a power from it. Responding in any way satisfies their sickness.

You’re right, they’re the true definition of a troll, someone who argues for the sake of arguing.

I never did it to tests. I am always delivery quality products with requested modification. In that case why should I offer tests. And I have enough customers to make orders on my gigs. Then why should I bother to provide tests designs. If you are a quality designer you should never be a shame to your profession. We learnt it hard therefore it should have a handy price. Some sellers from countries like In*** are doing any garbage for very cheap price. They are shaming their profession.

Finally do your best when you got the order with proper price.

Good luck.

Thanks for all your answers, it’s nice to see a lot of sellers feel like I do. :slight_smile:

I often get such requests on every freelancer platform, sometimes from the same buyers. My experience: Test scammers will let you do the work for free and never get back to you afterwards. In their profile you will find out they NEVER buyed from anyone, just post a lot of job offers with good rates just to collect free work. They promise you big volume and that YOU will get the job when you do it, ask you to email them because they could not open the test on the platform. Nonsense! They post on every platform they find splitting e.g. their huge texts to be translated in different parts and always find a seller doing it for free. Sometimes these are agencies selling your free work to others for a good price. That’s very sad, so please do not feed them anymore! Take advantage from our bad experiences. We already paid for it. I paid for it as a new seller (they love to scam new sellers) and I never will do it again!

The serious customers willing to buy a 5$ gig for a test will return and buy again when you deliver good quality. Ask them to take a look at your reviews, set up a website with your portfolio … I got some of my best frequent buyers from that. Test scammers never reply after you sent them the free work or get very angry when you refuse to work for free and ask politely for a basic gig. I will never do a test work again and I even refuse to discuss with them, I completely ignore their insults. Our time shouldn’t get wasted by such people. There are so many sincere and friendly buyers waiting for us out there. Just make THEM happy and ignore the rest.

Good luck!

Karin L10Nrocket

Surprisingly, in my 2 years on Fiverr, I have only had 1 such buyer, and he was an Indian, a fellow countryman…said “he would make my life, my new life had started, that he was a major buyer, orders thousands of dollars each month etc.”…just wanted me to do his order and not to ask for a mutual cancellation…so that he could give me a negative review…LOL…have had a remarkably incident free time here, hope that continues.

Would you believe there are actually websites and ebooks entirely devoted to teaching people how to rip off freelancers? The gambit of requesting a free test project and insulting you if you refuse is a common tactic. You probably didn’t lose a sale be refusing to do the test – the chances that the “buyer” was really planning to buy anything are somewhere between “slim” and “nil”.

Honest buyers on a site as inexpensive as this should be willing to pay for a trial run.

I’m speaking as a buyer, here.



I use this “Quick response”:

Dear customer,

please understand that I do not give free samples.

I propose you try out one simple Gig to find out if my service fits to your needs! Thats the real nice thing in Fiverr - trying out a service for just 5$ :wink:

Thank you for your comprehension and cheers!

If someone wants to use it, yeah for sure, if someone finds some error in this message, please tell me, I am not an English native :slight_smile:

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“Thank you for your comprehension and cheers!”

Just make it, “Thank you for your kind cooperation”…rest of the message is perfect. Except this…make it…“propose you try out one simple Gig to find out if my service fits with your needs!”…I’m not native English either :slight_smile:

Thx! Cool :slight_smile:

Thanks, you sound like an awesome buyer. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the minute they over promise you can tell they’re lying. A real buyer just places an order, he doesn’t have to brag.

Ironically, most of my experiences with Indians have been very positive, only one or two Indians have demanded refunds.

This girl in question was from Singapore, but that’s fine, I don’t attribute bad experiences to the nationality of the buyer. Every country has bad buyers, and different rules of customer service. Me personally? I tend to be very direct, I can’t help it, some cultures don’t like it, others do.

Some clients tend to be very sensitive, have to be very careful around them, especially long time clients. I mean, everybody is under some sort of stress in the freelance world - buyers, sellers…you have to keep that in mind. But 99% of people, both buyers and sellers are good people. It’s the 1% that cause all the problems.