Sellers Exaggerated skills and more


I have purchased 4 gigs here this month. and I am extremely frustrated. Skill set is exaggerated, stating they can do exactly what I have envisioned or described. I have even sent pictures for ideas and concepts. The delivered project is nothing close, it’s like they didn’t even read my requirements and/or it’s beyond their skill set and don’t want to say.

Also, if you state you are fluent in English, then you should be fluent! I’m really frustrated with the communication aspect of repeat, repeat, repeat, explain…

and lastely, the profile pictures and concept work I see are stock images with multiple sellers using and profile pictures of people whom I assume to be the seller and after chatting with them, clearly is not. It’s completely mis leading. The idea and concept of fivver is great, but where are the moderators?


Here are some suggestions when choosing a seller:

  1. pick a top rated seller

  2. don’t expect much for $5 or $10, be reasonable with prices

  3. read through reviews and get a seller with over 1000 positive reviews

4.avoid sellers with lots of bad reviews the profile picture to see if it seems to be fake

  1. chat with them first to make sure they can communicate well and respond promptly to questions

  2. read the gig descriptions thoroughly and make sure they are well written

  3. read the profile description and see if it sounds exaggerated, especially concerning where they went to college or what degrees they have


The only sellers who are vetted by Fiverr are those with the little black Pro label. As for the rest, they can say whatever they want about their skills, and nobody checks that, so it’s wise to do a reverse image search and see if it’s a stock or stolen image.


Top Rated Sellers are also vetted by fiverr.

We also are checked at least once a month for quality of services.


They are chosen manually, yes, but they don’t go through the same vetting process as the Pro sellers do.


All Sellers have been top rated and only 1 gig was $5 and it was actually one of the better ones, oddly enough.
All sellers had 5 star reviews, but I have noticed now that some reviews seem fishy and repeated. LIke people have bought their reviews maybe?

Still needs to be moderated I believe.


If you hover your mouse over the name of a top rated seller it says we are vetted. I assure you that we are thoroughly checked out first before we become one.

The only difference is that we may not have other places on the internet where we sell things, and I’m not sure that any college degrees are verified although I know for a fact that it is not possible to verify many or most college degrees anyway, because I’ve tried, at least in the U.S.

I find it hard to believe there are many top rated sellers who can’t communicate well in English, replying to @vwerin


I assure you that top rated sellers are not the ones who buy reviews. We don’t need to.


I seem to go with the rest of your points, but I am not supporting these ones.

If you are advising buyers to choose a TRS, with over 1000 reviews, then how will new sellers and others without 1000 reviews make their sales?

What I would say is that the buyer should communicate with the seller first, and ask some questions related to the project. I think through these, the buyer can know if the seller is only exaggerating his/her experience or not.

As for me before i had my reviews, i sent a request to a buyer telling him that i could do the project and also shared my experience with him. He communicated with me, and he seeing that i had the experience truly, he placed the order and later he ordered more and as been placing more orders since then.


If I am a buyer, this is what I look for. Others can take more risks but I like to avoid risks as much as possible.

The OP had bad experiences so this is one way to avoid them.

It’s no different from Pro sellers getting a certain type of buyer.
Their buyers want to be assured of a high level of service, and so do I.

As a top rated seller, I know the level of service I have to provide and I’m sure it is among the best you can get on this site.

How to analysis the original account information?

So… Don’t order from these people.

If I go to a store and see a moldly loaf of bread with a syringe sticking out of it on a shelf, I don’t buy it and then run online to say, “look what this store just sold me! Where are the quality control people?”

You have identified all the charachterisatics of a crap seller and for some reason decided to keep ordering exclusively from such people.

Do you want to be miserable?


As much as I appreciate our candor, all sellers displayed traits of a top seller, like I said, 5 star reviews, picture that I thought was them, communication that seemed great at first, but once the project starts it seems to go down hill from there after my purchase, the flags seem to go off. If all those things were noticeable in the beginning, I wouldn’t purchase, obviously…


the big issue is I send them a picture of what I want, so there should be no grey area. If you assure me you can do that as requested, then do it.


As a buyer on fiverr I’ve never had one problem like this. I’ve never purchased a gig from a fake profile picture or encountered bad English or exaggerations about abilities. On the contrary, I’ve been totally amazed and delighted with everything I’ve gotten.

By following my own suggestions as stated I seem to have avoided any pitfalls.

Excellent, problem free sellers really stand out. That’s been my experience.


I will say that points 1 and 3 are not the best way to avoid risks.
The buyer i was referring to in my first post told me that he ordered from me because he believes that new sellers provide the best service as they are looking for reviews, and would do everything in their possible best to satisfy their clients.


Slap in the face for the rest of us then! :wink:


They are chose from fiverr team


You joined last month and have 14 reviews, ten of which are from the same buyer.

From two of the other reviewers you got a 3.5 star review and a 4 star review.

Personally I would skip you if I were looking for a seller.


And lost level 1 badge…


And he said the reason was:

I think it is some of those reporting issues of buyers.
So I don’t think the badge can be restored.

How does someone lose a level 1 within one month?

This proves my point. Choose sellers who have a great, long term track record.