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SELLERS FIRST ! please read this

What is wrong with fiverr ? I started looking to prospect out of fiverr since I am running out of orders and am questioning if you guys are going through the same pain as me? fiverr seams to rank “trusted” seller and giving less opportunities to everyone , since march 2019 fiverr has changed its TOS telling new sellers to sell more instead of quality and good service, I know most seller are beginner in there niches however those sellers seam desperate to get any sell, I am looking forward to hearing from fiverr that they get the message here and treat us sellers equally as we are those who powered the platform at the first place , if we share the same values such us good selling OPTIMISM ! We are more likely to lift the platform as we go !!
Thanks to all sellers on fiverr !


What on earth are you talking about?


read the TOS updtae last year

Can you please paste the exact paragraph that instructs new sellers to forgo quality and go for quantity?


I categorically do not want this. There’s nothing wrong with a platform looking more favourably on those sellers who earned a bit of favouritism. We all start with zero sales and no reviews, and the majority of sellers won’t make it in the long-run, but for those who do, why shouldn’t they benefit from some extra exposure? That’s why benefits exist as you move up the levels - work hard, be rewarded.

In fairness, Fiverr as a platform is one of the best (or worst, depending on how you view it) for rotating gigs in and out, ensuring that all sellers get a ‘chance’, like you mention. But keep in mind, Fiverr is a business, not a charity. It’s in their best interest to pair buyers up with the best sellers, as quickly as possible. Fairness, in theory, should have nothing to do with it. It’s a bit like having a brand new website and expecting it to rank number one in Google for a competitive keyword.

I did have a quick look at your profile - your work is very good, but also very niche. It looks like you’re targeting gamers, a very lucrative market with money to spend - but your main gig is sitting in the most competitive niche of logo design. There’s a whole sub-section in Fiverr now called ‘Graphics for Streamers’, where people can buy Twitch icons, Twitch overlays etc. Could you not create gigs in some of those niches? There’s WAY less competition in those fields right now, and plenty of up-and-coming YouTube stars with cash to spend!


I wouldn’t necessarily say that not getting orders hurts.

It was last updated April this year.

Where - in - the - whole - document - did - you - find - this?

You mean ‘sale’ we’ve been through this.

I don’t know what you mean.

I’m confused about what you’re actually trying to say. What’s your point?


We all started at the bottom of the barrel and had to find a way to stand out from our competitors. This is what separates one seller from another. In my gig category it isn’t necessarily about being the best, it’s about having a style and approach that appeals more to a potential client. Build a strong reputation and your clientele will grow. If a new seller can not accomplish these standards, they aren’t selling themselves properly on the platform.

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The problem is that you are depending on one source of leads. If Fiverr doesn’t place you in first results for SEO, you have to go out and get outbound leads. Fiverr allows you to share your gigs.

Maybe you can market your services outside and bring in new leads. Eventually, reviews will grow, your account will improve and you will start to rank higher in Fiverr SERPs.

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started copy

We all started somewhere. Days, weeks and months early on without getting any orders.
Couldn’t maintain traction or take advantage of Buyer’s Orders to save my life. Those that are are from 3, 4,5, 6…7 year or longer are still around for a reason. Perseverance isn’t just a 4-syllable word…
If you were Fiverr would you promote and market someone who whine about not being a trusted seller, TRS or keeps asking for help from the same people on the platform who simply keep working OR would you promote and market the sellers that produce? Complaining about a business model that you want to be a part of and take advantage of is about as productive as sticking your hand in the cage of a lion, then complaining that the lion ripped off your arm. The lion is just being a lion, and Fiverr is just being a business. Change your situation. If that doesn’t work, the change your attitude. Adapt and survive, or don’t. Not meaning to be harsh, but that is the cold reality of freelance work…not just on Fiverr. If I got knocked back down to a level-2 seller tomorrow, I’d be doing the same thing I’m doing now…because I’m still here…as are we all.


tell me why I clapped my hands in my head sounding out “per-ser-ver-ance” as if it was the first time I’d hear this word :laughing:


“per-ser-ver-ance” hm ?:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished:

still waiting for that quote from the ToS.

Please and thank you.


i am imberressed with your quation , i will not be spesified ! just read it frank_d okay ?

No that’s not how things work around here.

You made a claim that Fiverr’s ToS state something.

I need for you to produce evidence that back up your claim.

Otherwise you are just spreading misinformation.


I didn’t say it wasn’t a 4-syllable word, I said it isn’t JUST a 4-syllable word, meaning that it (the word) has meaning beyond the number of syllables it takes to pronounce it, but if the intent was lost, the rest of the message still applies. Attention to detail.


I’m with you in this if its true …cuz I believe Quality over Quantity for sure

I would say for sure that I do the top quality on fiverr if not on the entire web right now and still fiverr putting other sellers to promote at the main pages if you say fiverr is a quality platform you are just being delusional and sorry … SORRY-meme-38603

There is nothing like that in TOS. Nada.

Absolutely not true.
Fiverr is giving a “boost” to new profile and placing them higher in search just because they “signed up” to fiverr.
You know why and how’s that happening?
New sellers were opening 20+ new threads on the forum complaining that fiverr favourites only old sellers and fiverr did listen to them and started giving a “boost” basically for nothing, just because they are new.
You know what’s the consequences?
For every new gig that placed higher one of old sellers moved to the last page. So how is that fair? Old sellers worked hard to get to where they are and suddenly they moved back just because someone new created a new profile?


Exactly. People seem to think Fiverr is a charity for giving people work. You don’t get perks just because you’re here and need money. It’s based on what the market wants.