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Sellers' Future in Fiverr

Dear All,

Day by day Fiverr popularity is going down as per the alexa rank. As a full time Fiverr seller i feel little bit unstable. You?

I am not sure it’s going down, more to do with big changes. Having said that those like me who work for themselves, you want consistency so from that point I see totally what the OP was referring too, as it can be sporadic at times. Also as Fiverr grows so will sellers and that will bring more competition for buyers.

I dont know for you, but I have to refuse 5-10 customers every day because I dont have time to manage working for all of them…

Reply to @webchief: raise your prices or increase gig delivery time

Reply to @webchief: may be you need a assistant :wink:

but unfortunately sellers like “fragglesrock” who offer gigs and do not answer messages for days on end doesn’t help the sellers rep at all! I would pay for quality not quantity with regards to gigs.

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Reply to @webchief: Here also same. I hope our future also to be same.


Why should I ? I make 2x more then average salary in my country and I am on college from 07-19 every day and I work from 20 - 01... go figure ?


When I find reliable guy/ girl(even better) I would be more then happy to give him work to do.


Yes I hope too, as I am expanding my business, having a lot of people in my "contacts" is main goal for now - which is not an issue for you :D

Fiverr isn’t going down it’s always growing it’s a best place to make a business you have a wide ability of choice there is a great professionals working here in every sphere just keep going make the best you can and you will always have a buyers



Reply to @prologo1: for those of us unversed in the market, could you explain what Alexa Ranking is ?

Well… I do feel unstable seeing that the rankings are going down but as long as I always have an order to deliver I’m fine with it. You don’t look like you need to worry though, since you have 14 orders in queue for one of your gigs…

It depends on some matter . Fiverr wants there business also . So they will try hard and soul to keep the ranking .

I think I was wrong.

Well the way I see it is the more sophisticated it will get the less traffic it will get :slight_smile: maybe for some does not make sense but that is how I for 1 see it.

I completely agree. Instead of making it simple for sellers, fiverr is making it worst. People working full time on fiverr should be worried now.

Well, few months ago USA was on first place on percent of visitors, now india. That means there is more sellers then buyers on fiverr currently.

Alexa - Actionable Analytics for the Web

fiverr should be easiest and simplest market place on the net. simple like 2+2=4.

This is just my opinion but I think the popularity will increase as more and more people get access to the Internet and learn more about Fiverr. As long as there is a demand for work that is being posted on Fiverr, there should be no problem.

Reply to @david388: Hey David, good to see you here :slight_smile:

Alexa ranks websites, presumably by traffic. But given that nobody has real traffic information, they collect data and extrapolate a ranking. They do this by collecting data they receive from people that use the Alexa search bar in their browser.

While is a poor representation of real traffic, it can be helpful for relative comparisons between sites, in addition to spotting traffic trends. Fiverr’s traffic appears to have fallen off a cliff as of last October.

From someone who use to analyze third party data for site ranking comparisons, I can say that I have little faith in the Alexa numbers. But, there might well be a reason for what appears to be a precipitous drop. One theory is that fiverr made the conscious decision to throttle back on advertising in favor of sellers promoting their own gigs externally. That’s all purely speculation though.

Reply to @skydesigner: For what it’s worth, I was hired to do a job via fiverr from a company in India who had a client in Boston. Presumably, because my rates were competitive. In short, a US company outsourced to India. India outsourced to the US.

Go figure :slight_smile: