Sellers Gaming the System...?


As I’m new to the Fiverr experience, I’m not exactly sure “where” to post this to get the most traction… hopefully this is as good a place as any to start.

I’m NOT an unreasonable person. I am a long time freelance service provider, myself. I’ve never sold, (or tried to sell), anything on Fiverr… but, I don’t see how basic CUSTOMER SERVICE should be any different.

I ordered a gig. I knew ‘exactly’ what I was ordering and based on the seller’s gig description, I trusted that it was cool to proceed. I even took Fiverr’s advice and communicated with the seller BEFORE purchasing. So far, so good.

This particular gig happens to be one that will take time to set everything up; I TOTALLY understand this. Yet, this is the Internet and I figured I’d wait about a week or so and then ask for a progress report. … Nothing. No communication from the seller… nothing. I say… “hmm… ok… maybe the communication channels are a little murky… this IS a rather busy site”… so I wait another couple days and STILL NO COMMUNICATION. Now, I’m pissed.

So… I send yet another (professional) communication escalating my tone a tad. “Please respond OR I wish to cancel this order.”… reasonable… if I had done the same type of communication faux pas with a Customer, I’d be apologetic and respond immediately with a VALID response. I get… “I’ll update ‘within’ 24 hours”… grrrrr…

OK… I’m reasonable. I don’t like this response… but, OK… let’s see if you come through. BTW, he declines my cancellation request. I’m cool with that… stand up and deliver then!

I wait 24 PLUS 3 hours and STILL NOTHING. OK… NOW, I’m livid… I’ve put my business on hold with this crap and according to Fiverr I HAVE TO put up with this jerk as long as he decides to decline my cancellation requests??? WTF?!!

There’s a BIG FLAW, here Fiverr. I understand you have (rightfully so) protections in place for ‘sellers’; but you have to make it EQUALLY advantageous for ‘buyers’. I just want to cancel this gig and move on. Not looking to cause this guy any undue stress… but YOUR POLICY FIVERR will make me go on a mission to CRUSH this dude because you’re giving him the ability to string me along!!



For your problem, send Fiverr customer service a message and they will cancel the gig.


Thank you, Stevie. I will take your experienced advice and report back; (for those that might be interested).


That sounds really frustrating, but the seller isn’t obligated to keep you updated. Should they? Of course, but I’m not sure Fiverr will do anything unless the person actually misses the deadline. If the clock is still ticking, there’s a chance they will give you a perfect delivery with a minute to spare.

This is why Fiverr tracks and posts our response time (which is on the seller’s profile) and lets buyers rate the seller based on communication. Assuming they do deliver a good product, you still have the ability to give them a mediocre or bad review so others know about your experience.

The only thing you can do going forward is look for sellers who have a low response time and good reviews on their communication skills.


Thanks, evpassino… trust; from this point forward I won’t miss a beat with making sure I have the communication I am looking for.

I was TRYING to be ‘nice’; as I am a service provider myself (not on fiverr) and my Customers EXPECT a certain level of communication… ESP. when money has been transacted. Deadline or not; no one wants to wait idle to SEE if they got duped or not.

ANYWAY… “Big Brother” (maybe) must have contacted the seller (via automation) because as soon as I submitted a ticket, I hear from him. Conveniently enough. I won’t go into detail but after his “too little too late” attempt to appease me and some other lame excuse that wasn’t accepted… he finally agreed to cancel the order.

I know it hurts ratings to have orders cancelled; but, I would NOT have cancelled IF he had just given me a decent progress report. Simple request. Nothing out of the ordinary. Especially if you’re actually “doing” the work… just show me what you’ve done. SIMPLE.

OH well… maybe he’ll do better with his next Client.

Me? I’ve found what seems to be a JEM now. Me very happy, right now. Me thinks me might just stay happy, too! Me hoping.


maudib said: I know it hurts ratings to have orders cancelled
Not if it was a Mutual Cancellation, which it appears to have been. The dreaded Negative Review probably played a big part in his decision to accept the cancellation.